Tuesday, October 2, 2012



1.)    You weren’t in town very long before there was a double murder and arson. How did you cope not only with losing two of your congregation but also having to do a funeral for the young man responsible for their deaths? The whole incident was tragic. I was there when the bodies were brought out of the house and gave comfort to the young man who was responsible before he died. It was a robbery gone so very wrong and when he asked me if God would forgive him, I assured him, he would be forgiven. I know I flew in the face of my congregation when I presided at his graveside service, but I had no other choice. I couldn’t allow his family to grieve without spiritual guidance.
2.)    Were you surprised at the respect you received from the community? I certainly wasn’t expecting it. It goes to show what small town USA is all about. Here I found people caring for people. I was thrilled I could be a part of this.
3.)    You’ve met Jim’s family and friends. Do you see yourself sharing his life? I would love to be part of Jim’s life, but I’ve never been in a league with these people. I hope I can fit in when and if Jim ever asks me to be within him for more than friendship.


1.)    Since Jayne came to town, you seem to be with her more and more. Are you two a couple? I certainly hope so. She’s a very special woman. I didn’t think I’d ever be this happy again after Meg was killed, but Jayne has rekindled a fire I thought has been extinguished.
2.)    Your house has sold and you’re getting ready to have an auction. Are you sure you’re ready for such a change in your life? I’m more than ready. The kids were upset when I first mentioned selling the house, but they understand my need to put the past behind me. I’ve actually purchased a house I’ve had my eye on for several years. It’s just the right size for one or maybe even two.
3.)    Do you think you’re ready to be the preacher’s husband? I most certainly am, I just hope she’ll be willing to settle for a sinner like me.

Next week look for the last of the books about Those Gals From Minter, WI. Unlike any of the other books SUE WATKINS: OVER THE HILL BIKER BRIDE is not a figment of my warped imagination. Sue’s real name is Sandra and the story is about her as well as her younger husband Rick.


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