Monday, October 1, 2012


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As an older woman, Jayne gave up everything to become a minister. Hopefully getting a position in Minter, WI will give her back some of what has been lost.


1.)    As the oldest member of your graduating class from Wartburg, are you worried about getting a call from a congregation who needs you? Of course I am. I want to preach the word, but when there are so many younger ministers out there looking for positions, I can understand why I would be overlooked.
2.)    Were you surprised when your friend Claire said she was giving up her life in Dubuque to go to Minter with you? I probably should have expected it, but it came as a complete surprise. When I accepted the call to Minter, Claire told me she could get a new job easier than she could get a new best friend. We met when I first came to Dubuque four years ago. At the time she’d come here to take care of her mother, but with her mother’s death, we became even closer. There aren’t a lot of friends like that in the world.
3.)    When you went to Minter for your final interview, you had a car accident. Did you take this as a bad omen? At first I did, but then things just started falling into place. Not only did I meet Jim Preston, but Claire made some good connections and got the dream job she wanted. It all worked out for the best.


1.)    You’ve been a widower for almost two years. What did you think when you literally ‘ran’ into Jayne? I have to admit, the time for mourning was past. I was just accepting the fact when I backed out of a parking stall and into one of the most amazing women I ever hoped to meet. The problem is Jayne is a minister, I doubt she would want anything to do with someone like me.
2.)    No one can believe you actually paid the down payment for her new car. Why would you do such a thing? I know what it’s like to start a new job, even if it was over thirty years ago. Money isn’t anything that’s readily available. Besides, the accident was my fault and I can certainly afford to help her out. I have this money, what good does it do me sitting in the bank?
3.)    You’re making a lot of big decisions. Do you think it’s wise to put your house on the market? I think the time is right. This house was Meg’s domain. Everything here reminds me of her. I can’t bring her back and what do I need with a big empty house? What I need right now is something small that is free of all the old memories. I know the kids will be hurt, but they’ll get over it. It’s time to move on. Meg is my past. Hopefully Jayne will be my future.

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