Friday, August 31, 2012


1.)    I see you rented your duplex to Bryce. Were you able to get the doorway in the garage closed up? I planned to, but there was too much to do. Of course, right after Bryce moved in I was glad it didn’t get closed up. When someone broke into my house, I was glad to have somewhere safe to go.
2.)    You and Bryce have gotten close. Do you think your kids will be all right with your new relationship? I know my kids are okay with it. I also know Bryce’s daughter will be happy for us. His son is a different subject. I don’t think he’s accepted his mother’s death, so he doesn’t want his father to be with anyone else.
3.)    You went down to St Louis for Thanksgiving. What did you find when you got home? It’s so hard to talk about this. When I got back, Bryce wasn’t home and the doorway in the garage was closed up. You’d think he’d have the decency to at least give me notice. I don’t understand what I did wrong.
1.)    Were you surprised when Dee knocked on your kitchen door in the middle of the night? Surprised isn’t the word I’d use. Thank goodness we decided not to close up the doorway between the garages. I shudder to think what would have happened if she’d been trapped in the house with that drunk.
2.)    With the exception of your son, Mike, the kids seem to be okay with you and Dee as a couple. Do you think Mike will come around? I honestly don’t care if he does or not. It’s my life, not his. I’ve paid through the nose for Mike to ‘find’ himself. Now it’s time for me to be happy again.
3.)    When you got home from the conference and saw the doorway closed up, what did you think? I was confused at first. Then I realized it was Mike’s doing. I don’t know if I can convince Dee I still want her in my life.
This is the third book in the series about Those Gals From Minter, WI. Next Thursday and Friday look for the interview of the characters from KATE ARMSTRONG: OVER THE HILL COED.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Dee Williams needs to rent the other side of her duplex. Her ideal tenant is a nice gay couple who won’t be a threat to her. Will she settle for a fifty something widower when Bryce Devlin comes to town?
1.)    You’ve had a hard year. What’s been going on? About a year ago, my husband, Paul, left me for a younger woman. He thought he’d get half of this duplex, but he didn’t realize my mother had it protected. Then Mom got sick and died. I couldn’t believe it when I got the final divorce decree on the same day Paul sent me a post card announcing his marriage. The bastard couldn’t even show up at the funeral.
2.)    I’ve heard you have a duplex for rent. Has anyone shown any interest in it? I haven’t even finished cleaning out my mother’s things. I’ve got a rummage sale going on and then I can concentrate on cleaning and painting. Once that’s done, I can start advertising.
3.)    Lane and Grant brought over their friend, Bryce. Will you rent the duplex to him? I’m not sure. I don’t know how prudent it would be to rent to a single man when I’m here alone. What would people say?
1.)    You’ve lived in Chicago for a long time. Why are you moving now? My wife, Sue, passed away two years ago. I’ve been ready to move for months. It didn’t take me long to accept the offer from Compton Industries in Minter, WI. I can thank my friend, Grant, for suggesting me to his new company.
2.)    I hear you’re staying with Lane and Grant. How did they con you into going to rummage sales with them? It didn’t take much on their part. Sue and I used to go to rummage sales all the time. It’s amazing how many good buys you can get. Sue always said it was also a good way to get to meet the neighbors.
3.)    You stopped at a rummage sale at Dee Williams’ house. Do you think it was a set up for you to tour the duplex she will soon have ready to rent? Of course it was. It didn’t take me long to figure out Lane is quite the matchmaker. I really like the layout of the duplex, but I think I like the landlady more. I hope she’s consider having me as her tenant.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


1.)    Were you surprised when Clankor suggested you and Makisa should become a couple? I most certainly was. She is a beautiful woman. It was I who saw Pikar hit her. A woman such as Makisa should be cherished. I would never treat a woman with such dishonor.
2.)    Makisa has told you she must carry your child before you can be joined. Does this jot go against your customs? It does, but I am one with her village and must follow her customs. I no more than learned she carried my child when Pikar took her to the village of the outcasts. I was surprised when the imprisoned men of the village volunteered to join us for the rescue.
3.)    You were wounded during the rescue. I am told Makisa was the one to save your life. Did you know of her work as a healer? I’d been told of her skills, but I never expected to survive the injuries I sustained. For a time, I joined the ancestors, but they told me it was not my time to be with them. When I awoke, I was shocked to see she had joined my skin together with stitches as fine as any my mother ever used in making my clothing. She told me these were skills she learned from Kit, the Spirit Woman from the future.
1.)    You carry Snapping Turtle’s child, but now you have been taken captive by Pikar. Once in the village of the outcasts, were you surprised to see your brother, Tak? I was so frightened, I thought Tak was a spirit, come back to torment me. He told me a story that was almost unbelievable. I knew he was the one who killed his wife and daughters. What I didn’t know was how he made the trackers believe he drowned in the river. Instead, he traveled north until he met up with Pikar and his brother after they were banished from our village. It was fate that they joined themselves with the people of the village of the outcasts.
2.)    Did you make friends among the women of this village? Not until after the attack of our men. It was then that Mourning Dove came to my side and offered her help in tending to the wounded. She stayed with me until I was certain Snapping Turtle was no longer in danger of walking with the ancestors.
3.)    Do you worry what will happen when Hawk and his people return for the exchange of captives? I do, but Snapping Turtle has assured me he will not take me from my people. From what I hear about his brother Hawk, I fear for Atiko’s safety when Snapping Turtle tells him of his plans for the future.
Next Monday and Tuesday the Birdsinger series continues with the story of Snapping Turtle’s friend, Wildcat and Makisa’s friend, Mourning Dove, in WILDCAT'S HUNGER.

Monday, August 27, 2012


When Atiko goes off in search of Kit, Snapping Turtle stays behind as a willing captive until Atiko and Kit can return from Hawk’s village. Unwilling to give away his true identity, he agrees to hunt in Atiko’s absence for the shaman, Clankor, and his family.

1.)    You and your friends were on a mission to bring the Spirit Woman back to your village. What went wrong? Somehow the people of this village knew we were coming and ambushed us. I told my brother, Hawk, going there was a fool’s mission, but he wouldn’t listen to me.
2.)    Why did you volunteer to stay behind as a captive? I know my brother well enough to understand if he doesn’t have anything at stake, he might not return Kit and Atiko. Since the trackers confirmed Kit is now in Hawk’s village, I fear for Atiko’s safety when he goes to ask for her return. Knowing the people have already started the trek to the winter campground, Atiko will have an entire season with my people and Hawk’s temptation to do him harm will be lessened because I am in their village.
3.)    You told your friends of your attraction to the woman named Makisa. Could that be the reason you volunteered to stay behind. Partly. I would like to get to know her, but as I said before I also know my brother. If one of the married men stayed behind, it’s possible he would launch an attack. If either Wildcat or Spotted Pony were to stay, he’d have little reason to spare Atiko’s life. Hawk and I are close, he would not harm Atiko, if he thinks it could cost me my life.
1.)    I know you and Kit have become close, but so much has happened since her arrival, how are you handling it? Atiko loves Kit and I’ve come to love her as well. Of course, we weren’t prepared when the men from Hawk’s village came to kidnap her. Thank goodness Kit and Atiko warned us. I didn’t mind having to serve the prisoners, but the man I was promised to, Pikar, didn’t like it at all. When he hit me, I realize there was a reason his seed didn’t take root in my body. The Great Spirit was keeping me from making a terrible mistake.
2.)    Do you mean to tell me you and Pikar were trying to have a baby before you were joined as man and wife? It’s our custom. Before a woman can be joined to her life partner, she must prove she can give her man children. We’ve been promised ever since I became a woman. The longer it took for me to conceive, the more he changed. Never before has a man of our village beat his woman.
3.)    Many of the men of your village were imprisoned for beating their wives. It all seemed to come to light when your brother, Tak, took the lives of his wife and daughters. What happened? It seems my brother started beating his wife when she gave him only daughters. He convinced his friends this was acceptable. Tak took his own life in the river. As a result, Pikar and his brother were banished from our village. The others were imprisoned away from their families for the entire winter.

Friday, August 24, 2012


1.)    On your vacation, you met a woman by the name of Dorah. How did she change your life? She saw something in me I didn’t see. When I started talking about my childhood pranks with my friends, Jerry, Sandy, and Devan, she realized it could be a stand up comic routine. I still can’t believe I signed a contract to do this for a living.
2.)    One of your fellow comedians, Hunter, works in TV. Now the two of you are going to star in your own show, Black and White. Are the two of you romantically involved? Don’t get me wrong, I do love Hunter, but only as a friend. He assured me there could never be anything between us. Not just because he’s black and I’m white, but because I’m in love with someone else, Devan.
3.)    There was a reunion show. Were you and Devan able to get back together? As much as I wanted it, nothing happened. My life is going to be in Los Angeles and he’s needed in Philadelphia. There’s no way this can work.
1.)    I understand your need to move to Philadelphia, but how could you shut Julie out completely? Julie doesn’t need me. She’s turned into Jewel West and has a lot of people looking out for her. My son, Todd, on the other hand, needs me to be there for him.
2.)    It was reported that Julie is being stalked by a secret admirer. Do you think she’s in danger? She’s in no danger from her secret admirer. I’m the one who has been sending her the flowers. It was my way of staying in touch with her. I’m so sorry it all backfired.
3.)    You’re back in Minter for class reunion. Do you think you and Julie will get back together? I hope so. I’m praying she’ll listen to me. Her future is so bright I don’t know if what I have to offer will measure up.
A PRECIOUS JEWEL, along with all the other books in this series are available from Wings ePress. A PRECIOUS JEWEL is available on Kindle for $7.50.

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A PRECIOUS JEWEL is the second book in the GALS FROM MINTER series. Julie Weston is a recent widow and at a New Year’s Eve party she reunites with an old friend from high school, Devan Yates. Meeting him reignites the passions she thought died with her husband one year earlier.
1.)    This has been a rough year for you. Do you care to tell us about it? Everything started on New Year’s Eve when my husband, Steve, died of a heart attack. I survived, but a year later I reconnected with an old friend, Devan Yates, I’m not to proud to admit we had sex. Just two old friends, or so I thought. When I went back to work after the first of the year, I learned some things I didn’t know about both my husband and myself.
2.)    Just what did you learn? To begin with, another old friend, Jerry Gaines, finally told me the truth about my husband. I was shocked to learn he’d been cheating on me for years. What started as the worse moment turned into a life saver. I collapsed and was diagnosed with diabetes.
3.)    You and Devan became close after your hospitalization. What happened after that? I took a vacation and when I returned, I found out Devan had asked for a transfer and left Minter for good. It was then that I decided to change my life. I learned I actually had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life.
1.)    What does transferring to Minter, WI mean to you? Minter is home. I grew up here and went to school here. My folks were killed while I was in college. After that I never came back. Imagine my surprise when I met Julie at a New Year’s Eve party. It brought back a lot of memories.
2.)    You and Julie were friends in high school. Do you think you will be able to become lovers? I hope so. Back in the day we were called The Four Musketeers. There was Jerry, Sandy, Julie and me. Now all of us but Sandy are back in Minter. In high school I never thought of Julie as anything more than my friend. After New Year’s Eve, I want more, much more.
3.)    When Julie returned from vacation, you were gone. What happened? My son was injured in a drive by shooting. I realized I had to be there for him no matter what the cost to my personal life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


1.)    After you and Atiko warned the people of the attack, you left the village only to become the captive of Hawk. How did you allow that to happen? Atiko was neglecting me and not listening to my opinions. I blame it on pregnancy hormones. Whatever it was I made a big mistake.
2.)    Hawk wants you to be his woman. Do you know why? From what I can figure out, they think I’m a Spirit woman. Hawk believes I can cure his daughter, Little Duck, of the demons he believes live in her body. Unfortunately, she has downs syndrome. There’s nothing a healer in this world can change. Hawk has to come to grips with it and learn to love her as she is.
3.)    Even if you can do nothing for Little Duck, Hawk wants you to be his wife. Are you and Atiko doomed? I’m afraid so. If I turn Hawk down, Atiko will die. Hawk will accept Atiko’s twin sons and allow Atiko to live if I agree. What other choice do I have?
1.)    You and Kit saved your people, but lost each other. Do you think Hawk’s men from the raiding party will be able to take you to Hawk’s village and persuade him to allow Kit to return with you? I pray to the Great Spirit that he will, but from what his men tell us. I’m sure she’s already his prisoner. I can only hope he will allow me to bring Kit along with our unborn child back to my village.
2.)    You were right, Kit is Hawk’s captive and now, so are you. Do you miss your freedom? Of course I do. I’m my father’s son and the hunter who provides for my family. As Haw’s captive I fear my family will suffer.
3.)    Kit has given birth to your twin sons, but she is destined to become Hawk’s second wife. How will you handle it? I will leave them to return to my people, but I will never forget the woman and the sons I love. Hawk has given his world he will spare my life and raise my children to be good men. If I want to live and have Kit and the twins live, I must walk away from them.
BIRDSINGER’S WOMAN is the first in a series of five books. Follow Atiko’s people in the rest of the books SNAPPING TURTLE’S HONOR, WILDCAT’S HUNGER, THUNDER AND LIGHTENING and JAYDEN’S NEW PEOPLE. These books are all published through Whiskey Creek Press.

Monday, August 20, 2012


When Kit goes to a pow-wow at the Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria, IL, she plants to immerse herself in the Native American culture. As she checks out a scenic overlook, she finds herself transported back in time two hundred years to a people and place she’s only studied in college.
1.)    Why drive all the way from Madison to Peoria to watch a bunch of wannabe Indians? Your description isn’t entirely fair. These people believe in representing their culture in this way. The drumming, dancing and songs are all authentic. It’s almost like a religious experience. This is something my dad and I did after Mom died. This will be my first time of going there alone.
2.)    Were you prepared when you somehow fell through time and landed in the past? You think? At first I thought Atiko was a time traveler. When I realize I’d invaded his world I was terrified. I did have an advantage as I’d studied his people in college.
3.)    You and Atiko have become close. Do you think he loves you? I thought he did, but now he’s left the village. I didn’t even get to tell him I’m pregnant with his baby.
1.)    What does your name mean? As the second son of the shaman, I am the one who hunts for the family. I can call to the birds of the air as well as the animals that sustain us. That is why I’m called The Birdsinger.
2.)    Since you found Kit you have made her your own. Why did you leave her alone in the village? As the birdsinger, I cannot have a woman of my own. It is well known that the second son is not allowed the luxury of a wife. I’m never far from her though.
3.)    Should I be surprised to see you and Kit together? I have watched Kit and I know she plans to leave the village. When I followed her, she told me she carries my child. We were living in secret until we learned of plans for an attack on the village. As soon as we did, we returned to warn the people. For some reason she got separated from the women and children. Now we can’t find her.

Friday, August 17, 2012


1.)    Were you shocked when Clint insisted on coming to Minter to meet his aunt and sister? I told Clint and Mark about Lane, but I cautioned them not to push her. Of course, Clint has always been a hot head. I was shocked to find him sitting in my living room when I got home.
2.)    You took Lane to Door County. Was that to get her to agree to meet Mark? It certainly wasn’t. I’ve loved Lane since high school. It’s the reason my marriage didn’t last. I wanted her back in my life. I didn’t want to chase her away. She took everything wrong and now we’re all suffering.
3.)    Lane and Mark finally did meet. We heard things were strained. Do you think you and Lane will ever get back together? I hope so, but the way we left things it’s doubtful. It’s hard living in the same town and not seeing each other. I’m considering looking for another job as far away from Minter as I can get.
1.)    After your weekend with Grant you decided to go to meet Clint’s family. Were you prepared to meet Mark as well? Good grief no. Clint assured me Mark was in Arizona and wouldn’t be coming to meet me. When he walked into the room it was more than I could take.
2.)    I heard Grant was at the hospital. Did you see him? No, he never came up to see me. The kids said there was an altercation between him and my son, Adam. He couldn’t care too much if he left before he even saw me.
3.)    You and Mark have become friends. Is it true you’re going on a cruise with his family for Mother’s Day? Yes, I’m so excited to get to meet his wife and kids. Suddenly I have more grandchildren to spoil. Jack and I were always going to go on a cruise, but he died before we could do it. I think it’s the perfect way to start this new chapter in my life.
When New York told me heroines should be under the age of thirty, I decided I wanted my characters to be my own age. Lane is fifty and Grant is fifty-two and I thought they both deserved a second chance at love. COFFEE, TEA OR LOVE is the first of a series of books from Wings e-Press who are my over-the-hill girls. This book is available on Kindle for $7.50.
Look for the first interviews of Kit and Atiko from BIRDSINGER'S WOMAN on Monday and Tuesday next week. A PRECIOUS JEWEL will be coming on Thursday and Friday

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Those gals from Minter, WI are a group of women who went to school together. Now as age brings widowhood and divorce to their number and they can’t stand to see their friends, unhappy, unloved and unmarried.
Lane Allerton has a secret she’s kept from everyone but her deceased uncle and husband as well as her Aunt Peg and her best friend, for the last thirty-five years. Now, when Lane is adjusting to being a widow, that secret walks into her coffee shop and her life.
1.)    You’ve just moved to Minter to start a new job. Are you looking forward to living in a small town? Small is the word. I’ve been in Chicago longer than I care to think about. At first I stayed in the city to remain close to my ex-wife and kids, but things change. The kids grew up and I got an offer I couldn’t pass up.
2.)    One of your first stops in town was java Lane. Did something happen that got you all excited? It certainly did. Thirty-five years ago I was in love with Lane Sacks. We were just kids when she got pregnant. There was a big blow up between our parents and the next thing I knew Lane’s folks moved out of town and my parents changed their phone number. The last I heard of Lane was when I signed the papers for the adoption of our son. Imagine our surprise when Lane was working behind the counter at the coffee shop.
3.)    Have you ever tired to find your son? I thought about it, but the adoption was sealed. Then one day I took on two college students as interns at work. I was shocked when Clint Sacks turned out to be Lane’s younger brother and Mark Evans our son. They were the same age and I soon found out Lane’s parents disowned her. Since then the three of us have been looking for her.
1.)    You were recently widowed. How are you holding up? My aunt Peg has been a great help. Jack’s death was so sudden, it was a miracle Peg was already living with us. Of course, Jack isn’t really gone. I hear his voice in the confines of my mind all the time.
2.)    Just recently two men entered your life. Can you tell me about them? The first was Grant. He’s new in town and very handsome. I know Jack hasn’t been dead very long, but I have to say Grant was very interesting. The second was really a voice from the past. I received an e-mail from Skip, my boyfriend from High School. The last time I talked to him I was pregnant with our son. When I accepted a blind date with skip, I was shocked to find out Skip and Grant are one in the same.
3.)    Grant told you he found your son. This is exciting. When do you plan to meet him? Good heavens no. I gave him away because I was too young to be a mother. He has a family and so do I. Jack used to say we should tell the kids about their brother, but I didn’t want them to think less of me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


1.)    You went into the army and fought in the Gulf War. I hear you were wounded. Do you think you can overcome it? Of course I can. I took some shrapnel in my knee. I’ve been given physical therapy to do and I will do it. Things could be worse. I could have lost my leg like my roommate, Bax. I thank God every day that things weren’t worse.
2.)    You mentioned Bax. How is he adjusting? A lot better than he was before he met my mom and Luke. They not only arranged for his wife and daughter to come and visit, but they offered to bring his family back to Corbit. The corporation has offered to help Bax finish his education and give him a job at K-Chemical. I’m so glad he took them up on the offer. We’ve become friends and I’d hate to have him living and working half way across the country.
3.)    You found more than a best friend in Texas. What else happened while you were there? First I met Dr. Mallon. He’s related to us since Mike Mallon was the brother of one of his grandparents, Phillip. I don’t know how many greats to add on, but finding him and his brother completed our family. Second I fell in love with Sylvia Mallon. She was my nurse and believe me it was love at first sight.
1.)    How do you explain surviving 9/11 unscathed? Unscathed? That’s a strange word to use. Those of us who, for one reason or another, were late for work that day are scarred for life. We knew our co-workers were dead and by the grace of God we survived. I’ll never forget the nightmare of that day.
2.)    Because of the tragedy you met Dr. Brad Grant. Did you know right away you were going to get married? At first we were too overwhelmed to be thinking further than the next minute. When he finally asked me out to dinner, I was only too happy to accept. As for marriage, I think it was the next step. When my brother, Lance, fell in love with Sylvia at first sight, I thought he’d lost his mind. Now I know exactly how he felt. Brad is the man I want in my life for eternity.
1.)    When 9/11 happened you wanted to quit school and join up with your cousin, Ike. What held you back? My dad, Uncle Luke and Lance. They all persuaded me to finish my education. It was hard. I wanted to fight, now I wish I’d never gone.
2.)    You’re named for one of the founders of the Double M ranch. Are you planning to come back to the Double M? Ike loves the ranch and Luke loves the dairy operation. For me, my life is bringing culture to the area. You know plays, musicals, and orchestras putting on performances. This takes me in an entirely different direction from the rest of my family. I know they’re all proud of me and support the Ned Corbit Performing Arts Center.
This book ends the Double M series. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about the characters and will be looking into the books of the series. These books are all available on Kindle at a price of $3.99. I thank you for the time you’ve taken to read about one of my favorite families. It’s hard to believe I wrote the first book while still in high school and didn’t pen the last one for over forty years.
At the end of this week, get ready to check out the gals from Minter, WI. That series will begin with COFFEE, TEA OR LOVE on Thursday and Friday. I’ll also be visiting another series on Monday and Tuesday’s as I will be delving into the characters of the BIRDSINGER Series.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Back When the Double M series was being published, I was asked to write the last book, DOUBLE M: THE JENNINGS. To be honest, I had written a three book series and I was done with it, but between my editor, my artist and my publisher, I was finally convinced to write the story of this family from 1979 to 2007. So much happened in history during those years, it was a difficult story to write, but once I got started, it seemed to write itself.
1.)    You and Kenlyn have a unique love story. Now that your first child is about to be born are you excited. The baby Kenlyn is about to have my natural child, but Lance has become a son to me in every sense of the word. I love that boy more than I could ever think possible.
2.)    How did you feel when Greg Bennett came to try to get full custody of Lance? Kenlyn was a basket case, but her Uncle Jim said Greg didn’t have a leg to stand on. The fact Kenlyn had to relive the nightmare of being married to that bastard almost did me in. If we’d lost Lance, I think I would have been tempted to kill Greg. I know we won, but when he didn’t come back to see Lance it broke my son’s heart.
3.)    You’ve built quite a life for yourself at the Double M. How do you feel about finally moving to the ranch? I love the Double M and am proud to be a part of it. I never liked living in town, but Kenlyn liked to be close to her job. I think the reason she didn’t want to be out here was part of her rebellious streak. She’s mellowed and now is thrilled at the possibility of finally coming home.
Alicia’s Interview
1.)    You were working in Chicago and had a pretty good job. Why did you come back to Corbit? I made the mistake of sleeping with my boss and believing he would marry me. When it all blew up in my face, I told him I wouldn’t be his mistress after he married the daughter of the owner of the agency. Of course, he told a different story and I ended up being blackballed. I’m a damn good accountant. I didn’t deserve this.
2.)    When you first came home, did you ever think you’d be working and living at the Double M? I was on my way to apply for a waitress job at the Corbit House when JP called and offered me the position at the Double M. I knew JP in high school and at the time would have done anything to have him notice me. I was a little worried about living in the same house with JP, but it didn’t take me long to see him as an honorable man.
3.)    You and JP got married pretty quickly. Did you really believe you were in love? I loved JP in high school and come to find out, he liked me as well. It didn’t take long for us to realize we should be together. I think both families were shocked and pleased with our marriage. We’re both in this for the long run.

Friday, August 10, 2012


1.)    You had a long drive to get from Wisconsin to Arizona. Weren’t you lonely going all that way by yourself? I was lucky to meet some wonderful older people along the way. Since we were basically going the same way, I traveled with them. It saved a lot on hotel rates since I was able to stay with them in their mobile home.
2.)    You met JK last night. What was your impression? He’s one of the most handsome men I’ve ever met. I was so ashamed of the way I looked. I wanted to run and hide, but thank goodness he wouldn’t let me. He even has me convinced I can lose weight just like he did.
3.)    You spent some time in California with JK’s family and it seems you’ve made some changes in your appearance. Do you think you can keep it up once you go home? I have to. I feel so much better, not just physically, but about myself as well. I’m going to miss JK like crazy, but I’m not going to stop making myself a better person.
1.)    How did you feel about Kelly when you first met her? The first thing I noticed was the fantastic personality I read in her posts. She’s a wonderful person.
2.)    Considering your weight loss, how did you feel about her size? Unlike Kelly, I knew exactly what she looked like before I ever met her. I didn’t fall in love with her body. I fell in love with the woman behind the posts on the BBP website.
3.)    Since Kelly has decided to lose weight have you changed your mind about her? What is mean is that some men like big women. Will you see her differently once she makes her goal? I don’t care if she’s a size twenty-four or a ten. I’ve been big and I’ve been thin to say nothing about healthy. The change certainly didn’t change who I am. It’s the same with Kelly. That wonderful personality fills both body types equally well.
NEVER A BRIDESMAID was written after I went to a wedding for my husband’s cousin. She’s always been a plus size girl with a winning personality. When she went on vacation in California, she had the opportunity to meet a wonderful man who loved her. When she returned home, he followed and they’ve lived happily ever after. With a love story like that I just had to write Kelly & JK’s story.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


More than anything else, Kelly wants to be in her sister’s wedding, but once again she’s been passed over. When a friend she’s made on the Internet asks her to be in her summer wedding in Arizona, Kelly jumps at the chance. For the first time in her adult life, she’s going to do something for herself and take the entire summer off for a vacation.

1.)    Your sister’s wedding is coming up. Are you looking forward to it? Why should I? More than anything else I wanted to be one of her bridesmaids. It broke my heart when she asked me to cater her wedding. I wanted to cry, especially when she told me I would make her wedding party look strange because of my size.
2.)    What does your size have to do with anything? Let’s face it, I’ve always been the heavy one in the family. I don’t even get on the scale because I know I won’t be happy with what it says. My sisters as well as their friends are very slender so a size twenty-four plus not only wouldn’t fit into the dresses that were selected for this wedding. I’d look like an elephant trying to crash a party of mice.
3.)    You’ve been interacting with the people on the BBP (Big Beautiful People) website. Were you surprised when Birdie asked you to be in her wedding? I certainly was. Since I’m a teacher it’s easy for me to take off for the summer. Of course, my parents aren’t thrilled about me not babysitting my nieces and nephews for the next three months but I couldn’t turn this down. I’ve never been on a vacation and I’m looking forward to not only going to the wedding but driving there and stopping to see all the places I’ve only read about.  
1.)    You’ve been a contributor to the BBP website for several years. What bothers me is by looking at you I don’t understand why you’re posting there? BBP was a perfect place for me before the doctor told me to either diet or die. I didn’t tell most of the people on the site that I lost over two hundred pounds because I didn’t want to lose contact with Kelly. I’ve been fascinated with her ever since she sent her first post.
2.)    Do you think you’re new body will be a turn off for Kelly? I hope not. I’ve never thought I’d get the chance to meet her. I mean I live in California and she’s in Wisconsin. From what she says she’s never taken a vacation before this and I’m not the kind of person to show up on her doorstep unannounced.
3.)    When you agreed to be in this wedding, did you know she was going to be the bridesmaid? To be truthful, I would have been here no matter what, but when Birdie asked Kelly to come I was thrilled. I just hope I can pull it off without a hitch. It would be great if we could become friends in person like we are in cyberspace. If I play my cards right it could turn into something more.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1.)    You’re the next generation of the Double M dynasty. Where do you fit in? My mother is Janet Parkhurst Jennings. Her parents were Clay and Suzanna. My father is Prentice Jennings, son of Ralph and Barbara Jennings. I love the Double M as much as any of my previous ancestors.
2.)    Why did you enlist in the Army rather than going to college? You must have known you’d end up going to Vietnam. It’s what my family does. My grandfathers fought in WWI and my dad and uncles in WWII. As for going to Vietnam, I went there willingly as a member of an elite group. Unfortunately I lost my two best friends in that so called war. The only good thing to come out of it was meeting Luke Johansson.
3.)    When you came home from Vietnam, Luke came with you. Were you surprised when he fell hard for your sister, Kenlyn? Not really. Kenlyn became a beautiful woman while I was gone. I certainly don’t blame Luke for falling for her. It’s too bad she decided to join the Peace Corps. The two of them would have made a good team.
1.)    After you met Luke, you decided to go into the Peace Corps. Is that where you met Greg Bennett? Greg and I were both assigned to an island in the South Pacific. He reminded me so much of Luke I got my priorities all wrong. By the time I realized my mistake I was pregnant with Lance. What else could I do? I married the father of my son.
2.)    You and Greg moved to New York after the Peace Corps. How did you and your son like living in the big city? I hated every minute of it. Greg’s mother decided, before I ever met her, that I wasn’t good enough for her son. As soon as we could, we moved into a small apartment. Of course, I went to work in an investment office until Greg could get his practice going. It was hard working when I wanted nothing more than to be at home with Lance.
3.)    Why were you and Lance on the flight that crashed in Minot, North Dakota? Greg walked out on me with the first pretty face that came along. Lance and I were barely making it in Ney York, so I called JP and begged him to help me come home. That God we both survived when so many others died. No one was as shocked as me when Luke walked back into my life in that hospital room.
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