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  1. It sounds like you are a very sought after young woman. What is it like to have two men fighting over you? It was all such a mess. Clint spent a lot of money on me and in the long run all he wanted was the Double M. Thank God I found out the truth and Clay was able to save me from the biggest mistake of my life.
  2. With the war in Europe, I'm sure you were running short handed. How did you keep things going on the ranch? Nevada and the older hands kept things as normal as possible. Of course, Aunt Marion and Grandma Mallon took over the household duties including taking care of my son Jeff, so I could ride with the men.
  3. How did Jeff adjust to his father's return? Jeff was so young when his father went to war, I doubt he ever truly accepted Clay when he returned. Then Kenny and Janet were born and he had to share the spotlight. I can tell you that's not something Jeff is good at doing.


  1. You and Clay served together in the war. I know you were both injured. Is it anything permanent? Hell yes, it's permanent. Unlike Clay, who got his brain scrambled for a while, I had a REAL injury. I got shot in the knee and I'll walk with a cane for the rest of my life.
  2. Does it bother you that your sister is out working with the men so your father can send you money? Don't give me that crap. That ranch will belong to Suzie once Pa is gone. It's her future. The least Pa can do is invest in my future as well.
  3. Your father left you and Suzanna as equal owners of the Double M. Will you return to Montana to run it? I've got more interesting things to do than herd a bunch of dumb cows. That's Suzie's passion. She'll pay dearly to get me out of your life, or I'll find someone willing to meet my price.

This book, along with the remainder of the Double M series, DOUBLE M: THE MALLONS, DOUBLE M: THE PARKHURSTS and DOUBLE M: THE JENNINGS are available on Kindle for $3.99.

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Coming into the 20th century, Katie and Steve Kendricks have taken over the running of the Double M. Katie's death brings her daughter, Suzanna and her husband Clay Parkhurst, to the forefront and leadership of the Double M, especially after Mallon Kendricks decides on a life as far away from the Double M as possible.


  1. Growing up in Wisconsin, were you homesick when you returned to the Double M? I miss the family and friends we left behind, but Wisconsin can't begin to compare to Montana.
  2. You and Austin both returned to the Double M at the same time. Did you ever worry about having to share the ranch with him? I would have gladly shared the ranch with my brother, but his heart has always been on the reservation. We'll never have a brother/sister relationship but we do love each other.
  3. Nevada recently married Marion Howe and now they've adopted a baby. How does this affect you? With Pa and Maggie in Washington DC, it's wonderful to have Marion so close. As for Ralph, it's like having another baby. He's just a little younger than my children, Suzanna and Mallon.


  1. Do you ever think you'll return to the Double M permanently? My life is on the reservation. I'm doing the work I've always wanted to do by being a doctor for these people. The woman I called mother was a healer and I'm doing her work.
  2. A fire took the life of your wife and son and almost took yours. Are you still completely dedicated to the people on the reservation? There are good people among both the whites and the Indians. The man who started our house on fire was a renegade. The tribal council dealt with him.
  3. Mike's passing affected Katie badly. How did you handle it? Mike and I didn't have a traditional father/son relationship. I lost my father when Lone Eagle died. As for Mike, I've lost a good friend. He will be missed.

Tomorrow, the family will be moving further into the 20th century. While dealing with World War I Katie's daughter Suzanna will be tested as the owner of the Double M.

Friday, July 27, 2012



  1. I'm told you're flight arrived in Copenhagen before Janice got in. Did you have any idea the two of you would be sharing a room for the next two weeks? What do you think? When I came out of the shower, I was shocked to see a woman in my room. Not just any woman, but Janice Walters. At least the voice belonged to her. I certainly didn't expect to see a beautiful woman with dark hair and a slim body behind that voice.
  2. Considering you couldn’t get another room, how do you feel about having a surprise roommate for the entire tour? I hate to admit it, but after seeing her, I looked forward to it. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not a womanizer. I'm a flirt, but I'm not a chest. Of course, if I had a change with Janice, I wouldn't say no.
  3. Inga Einerson is your tour guide for the company offering this tour. Is she someone you might be interested in? Inga's a child. Oh, she can put on the charm. I'm sure she's out to add another notch to her belt. I've run across people like her before. Let's face it, after meeting Janice, I don't want to settle for second best.

  1. I've heard about your flight delay. Is it a bad omen about things to come? Of course it is. First our flight from Chicago was delayed, then when I finally made it to my room, I ran smack dab into a half naked Rick Parker.
  2. When Rick couldn't get another room, how did you feel about sharing a room with him for the entire two week tour? Of course I didn't LIKE it, but there was nothing else I could do. I've often fantasized about sharing a room with a hot guy, but when push came to shove, I decided to grin and bear it.
  3. Do you see Inga Einerson as competition? What do you mean competition? Let's face it, she could easily be my daughter. Any man would be a fool to pick me over her. As much as I'd like Rick to notice me, I doubt it will happen.
Many years ago, when I was a travel agent, I escorted twenty senior citizens on a two week tour of Scandinavia. Unlike Janice Walters, I didn't have a hot guy in my room, but I did enjoy a wonderful tour. Of course, everything that happened on the tour itself is the truth. Those senior citizens who accompanied me were some of the greatest people I've ever met. I thank them all for such wonderful material for this book.

THE TOUR is now available at Kindle for $3.99.

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Rick Parker and Janice Walters are both managers at different agencies in the Collier's Tours Group. When Glen Colliers books a Scandinavian Tour for forty-eight senior citizens, he fills it with clients from both Rich and Janice's offices. Using his clout, he convinces the two best tour guides in his organization to take the group. What he doesn't tell them is that they will be sharing a room for the entire tour.


  1. I see you're the manager of Collier's Travel in Seattle, Washington. As such do you often escort tour groups? You're kidding right? I have employees to do things like that. Of course, when Glen Collier told me I'd be taking this group myself, how could I say no? He is my boss.
  2. Janice Walters is escorting the other half of this tour to Scandinavia. Are you looking forward to working with her for two weeks this summer? Hell no! Janice Walters represents three things I'm not interested in. she's old, fat and totally obsessed with her husband. I don't mind taking senior citizens on tour or Bimbo sitting, with the younger agents, but I draw the line at old Bimbo sitting.


  1. Even though you're the manager of Collier's Tours in Minter, Wisconsin, you've escorted tours in the past. Even so, why haven’t you done so in the past few years? My husband, Ben, was very sick. After his death, I had no desire to socialize. Let's face it, if Glen Collier didn't insist I take out this tour I'd be happy to hold down the fort at the office and let Margaret handle this.
  2. Ho do you feel about sharing this tour with Rick Parker's group out of Seattle? I know Glen always like to have his tours made up of people from his agencies. I've never minded co-escorting with anyone...anyone that is except Rick Parker. That man is the biggest ladies man I know. I met him once. Thank God I wasn’t his type. It's no wonder his wife left him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's Tuesday and I'm continuing with the interviews for DOUBLE M: THE MALLONS. This is the first of four books in this series, DOUBLE M: THE KENDRICKS, DOUBLE M: THE PARKHURSTS and DOUBLE M: THE JENNINGS. For anyone who reads books on Kindle, all four of these are available in that format for $3.99 each.


  1. Mike called you a half breed. Can you explain what he meant? My father. Will McGee, came to this valley with the first settlers, Ned Corbit and Luke Ellis. Pa only stayed one winter and then he moved into the mountains. He married my mother, a Flathead Indian. They were very happy until Ma and my brothers died of the fever. I was left not fitting in anywhere. I was half Indian and they didn't want me. I was half white and not sure how I'd fit in. I was blessed when Pa brought me to Corbit and I met Mike and Janet.
  2. What were your duties in the Mallon household? Between Janet and me, we took care of the kids as well as the household duties. Of course, after we lost Janet and Austin and I took Katie to Wisconsin, I was content to take care of Mike and Nevada.
  3. You mentioned taking Katie to Wisconsin. What was it like taking such a long trip? Under other circumstances it would have been interesting but with the stress, it was very hard. Being sick didn't help matters much. Of course, the hardest thing was leaving Katie in Wisconsin and returning to Montana along.


  1. Mike says you're from Philadelphia. How did you end up in Texas? I was the bastard son, you know the one no one acknowledges. Even with my education, once my mother died, I was forced to make my own way in the world. I changed my name from James Prentice to Nevada Jennings and finally landed on the Circle M ranch., Mike's Dad took me under his wing and made me part of the family.
  2. You're the foreman of the Double M. don't you want a ranch of your own? Hell no! Let Mike have the headache of running this place. As for me, I have my hands full with the work I love. Although Mike and I work well together, if we lose several hundred head of cattle to a blizzard, I'm not the one who had to figure out how to pay the bills.
  3. According to Mike, he says he couldn't run the Double M without either you or Maggie. Have you any romantic feelings for Maggie? I love Maggie dearly. I even asked her to marry me once. Unfortunately, she loves me like a brother, but not a husband. As long as I can remain close to her, I'm satisfied. Besides, I'm positive it's Mike she loves. I hope he comes to his senses and realize what he has in her before it's too late.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi Everyone - This week I'm trying something new. I'm going to continue with the family epics on Monday and Tuesday but on Thursday and Friday I'm going to be featuring one of my stand alone romances. I've been asked to interview the characters of The Tour so I'm doing some research to come up with the right questions. For today we're going to be looking at DOUBLE M: THE MALLONS. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

When Mike Mallon saw his best friend shot and killed, he reacted. Unable to stay in Texas, he heads North and begins the dynasty known as the Double M Ranch in Corbit, Montana. Mike's best friend, Nevada Jennings, is more than willing to give up his life in Texas to help Mike begin anew.


  1. By leaving home, you're really on your own. Do you think running away will save your life? Look, I killed the leader of the Purcell gang. If I stay in Texas I'll be dead by the end of the week. I'm only eighteen for God's sake. I want to live my life, even if it means changing my name and leaving my family.
  2. Did you ever think you'd be arriving in Montana as a married man? That was the farthest thing from my mind. Then I met Janet and there was no other choice. I wanted her to stay in Wisconsin until I was settled in Montana, but she wouldn't hear of it. I don't know how Nevada and I would have survived that first winter without her.
  3. Just who is Nevada Jennings? Who is Nevada Jennings? That a good question. He's my best friend and my foreman, but as for who he is, I know he grew up in Philadelphia, at least he did until his mother died. About a year later he ended up on our ranch in Texas. From then on he became like another brother to me. Without him there would be no Double M. We've built it together, we run it together and without Nevada I could never begin to build this empire.
  4. How did the loss of Janet and Austin affect you? How would you handle it? Janet was my life, just as my children are. With her murdered and Austin missing, I really lost control of my life. Thank God Maggie McGee took Katie back to Wisconsin where she'd be safe. After I realize revenge wouldn't bring back those I'd lost, I came home to run my ranch and continue on in the best way possible.
  5. You mentioned Maggie McGee. Who is she? She's the half breed daughter of one of the original settlers in this valley, Will McGee. When I lost Janet and Austin, she held the Double M together. She's the heart and soul of this ranch. Like Nevada, I could never continue on without her.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Hi All

Today is Steve's day at the blog. I'm sorry about no post yesterday, but I had a computer issue. New referbished CPU is now in place and things are back to normal, whatever that is.


  1. Your wife is an instant heiress. How will this affect your lives? Several years ago, I applied at Montgomery Industries. They asked me to come for an interview, but at the time I’d already taken another position. Working for Montgomery Industries is a dream come true. Running the company is something else altogether.
  2. All of a sudden you have a new father-in-law and his family in your life. How do you feel about Tommy Lee? More than anything I feel sorry for him. I can’t imagine having a child suddenly come back into my life. My God the man missed out on all the milestones in her life. Kathy and I have twin daughters and if I missed all of their firsts I’d be mad as hell.
  3. Will there be a problem for you to move to another state? None whatsoever. My family is scattered all over the country. If nothing else both Donegal and Raleigh will be closer than I am now.
  4. Do you think Kathy will be happier living in Raleigh or at Donegal? I’m not sure how well Kathy would do in a big city. She’s always lived in small towns. Even thought I worked for a big company, we opted to live in one of the smaller suburbs.
  5. As the head of the company, do you feel obligated to stay in Raleigh no matter what it does to Kathy and the girls? You forget, I’m not the head of the company, Kathy is. At the same time, she will become the mistress of Donegal. I’m sure we will work out something that will be agreeable to everyone.
Next week will start the character interviews for DOUBLE M: THE MALLONS

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


1.)    You’ve lived in Raleigh all your life. Did you know the Montgomery family? My old man worked at Montgomery Industries for years. I certainly was never in the same league with that family. I did date Connie in high school, just long enough to get in her pants. Not long after that I heard she was doing every guy in school. Of course, that was the end of things for me.
2.)    How is it you ended up working for Miss Charlotte to find her granddaughter? I was a cop for years, but then that came to an end, I hired out as a private investigator for Goodson, Seaton and Clay. They’re a very prestigious law office with Montgomery Industries as their top client. Miss Charlotte wanted to find her granddaughter and she wanted the best man for they job, so they sent me over to the mansion.
3.)    What led to the discovery that you are the father of Connie’s child? Miss Charlotte gave me complete access to Connie’s possessions, including her diary. Imagine my shock when I learned Kathy was my daughter. Thank God my wife and kids understand about the whole thing. I just don’t know how Kathy will accept everything that’s being thrown at her.
4.)    How do your employers feel about you being Kathy’s father? That’s a sore point to say the least. Until I found her, I didn’t tell them. Now if things don’t go well with her accepting her rightful place in Raleigh society, my job could be in jeopardy.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Here we go again. I've decided to stick with my family epics as my first posts. I hope you enjoy reading about DONEGAL'S MISTRESS and please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Kathy Dunstad has always wanted to find her birth family, but has repeatedly run into a brick wall. A call from a private investigator, Tommy Lee Harris, is about to turn her life inside out.

When Tommy Lee accepted the assignment to find Miss Charlotte’s secret granddaughter, he never thought he’d become an overnight father. Although he’d dated and made love to Connie Montgomery, he figured he’d been but one of many. In truth, he’d been the one and only. Now he was faced with finding not only Miss Charlotte’s granddaughter, but also his own love child.

With the family of her birthmother all dead, Kathy is an heiress to a great fortune. To come to grips with it, she must read the story of THE MASTERS OF DONEGAL, in order to become the modern day leader of her family and Donegal’s new Mistress.


1.)    How long have you known you were adopted and did you ever try to find your birth family? I must have been about five when Mom and Dad sat me down and tell me how they chose me to be their daughter. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that my folks and I started looking for my birth family. Mom and Dad were wonderful and spent way too much money. By the time I got married, I gave up on ever finding them.
2.)    As you were reading THE MASTERS OF DONEGAL, how did you feel about your birth family? I have to remember it was a different time and a different place. Aaron was very interesting. When his brother wanted to deny him and send him into the priesthood, he had no choice but to leave home. Aye lass, no choice whatsoever, but had I not left Ireland, I’d never found my Donegal. Of course, without me, there would be no you. Keep reading lass and learn the good with the bad.
3.)    Ah…that was strange. Do you feel a connection to Aaron? I do, but Adam and James are a different story. I have no compassion for either of them, but I do for William. I guess one member of a generation is better than none. Let me say something here, Kathy. I love Donegal and am glad I was able to save it after The War. My father and James were products of their times, I was lucky enough to grow up in Philadelphia. At the end of The War, I was able to come ‘home’ and restore Donegal and it’s people to their former greatness.
4.)    Part of your in heritance is Donegal, what do you think about what it has become? From reading the book, I’ve found that running a plantation successfully without slave labor became next to impossible. I think my Uncle Jeff had the right idea in turning it into a tourist attraction. Not only did it become a money making proposition, but it brought in much needed jobs. I do wonder how my Great-Grandfather Morgan felt about the changes. With my daughter no longer being on Donegal, I wondered about the future. It was her son, Jeff, who resurrected the home we’ve all loved over the years. He’s breathed new life into the place. I hope you’re up to the challenge of Donegal, Kathy.
5.)    Now that you’ve seen Donegal, do you envision a live here? Donegal is my inheritance. My husband, Steve and I are a team and it’s a decision we have to make together. Only time will tell where our permanent home will be.
Go to Sherry's Website to see how to purchase this book and check out others

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On Saturday, July 14 I will be at Charming B's Coffee Shop in Milton, WI. from 9-3. If you haven't been there yet, it's worth braving the road construction. Located on High Street in Milton, in the former Methodist Church, it is quite an experience. In addition to the good coffee, try their yummy breakfast items and unique lunches. Also enjoy the beautiful ornginal stained glass windows.

Of course, I will be there ready to do readings and answer any questions you might have. Remember my books like to have their blurbs read and their covers carressed. I will also have copies of my new book, FAMILY SECRETS there for anyone who remembers my dad, Ralph Derr.

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Libby had grown up with the notoriety of her mother, AJ, as well as her father, Logan. She has also realized true friends are hard to find. Among her friends, only Garrett’s son, Elliott, has stood beside her, no matter what. By the time she goes to college she takes a big chance in going to school in Minnesota.


1.)    With two very famous parents, do you feel you’ve had a normal childhood? What’s normal? For me, it’s flying back and forth between Colorado and New York. Summers with Daddy were spent with my grandmother and I guess they were fairly ‘normal’. Living with Mom in Colorado was my ‘real’ life. She wasn’t Suzie Homemaker, but our everyday routine was constant.
2.)    How did you and Elliott meet? The first time I flew alone, Mom and I met Garrett and Elliott. He was going to New York to see his mom. He’s the one who called us Summer Kids because we both went to New York to visit our parents for summer vacation.
3.)    How did you feel about your mother’s marriage to Garrett? I love Garrett. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the best thing ever to happen to Mom.
4.)    Why did you choose to go to school in Minnesota? Originally, it put me half way between Mom and Dad. It was also close to where Uncle Karl lived. Maybe in the back of my mind, I wanted to meet Mom’s family.
5.)    You, like your mother, are a very wealthy young woman. Do you plan to be a hands on owner for the Lady Jo and the Lazy B? By all means. I love the working ranch and I tolerate the dude ranch. Between the two, I think they’ll keep me busy for many years to come.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As an outcast in her own family, Anne follows her dream of a college education and becomes a fashion designer. Her new life takes her far away from her shelter existence in New Oslo, Minnesota to a dude ranch in Colorado. It’s there where the designer, AJ is born and her life takes a drastic turn to the point of severing the fragile ties with her family.


1.)    How do you feel about your family? I love them because I’m supposed to, but I’m much closer to my friend Marsha and her father. All my life I’ve been on the outside looking in. When they don’t want me to know what they’re talking about they speak Norwegian. As many times as I asked Papa to teach me to speak the language, he insisted there was no reason for me to speak any language but English.
2.)    How did taking the job at the Lady Jo change your life? Johanna, the owner here, gave me a change and together we built Fashions By AJ. Unfortunately the Lady Jo was also where I met Logan Prescott. He saw me as a cash cow and once he established himself in the literary community, he left me. The only good thing to come out of our marriage was our daughter, Libby.
3.)    How did your family react first to your marriage and then your divorce? Since I was pregnant when I got married, papa didn’t approve. He never even saw Libby. As for the divorce, that ended any communication with my family.
4.)    You’re a wealthy woman, AJ, were you worried when Garrett Lanners became interested in you? At first I worried, but he was very patient and waited for me to come to grips with my feelings. There’s no one in the world I love and trust more than Garrett.
5.)    Do you have plans to reconnect with your family? Karl made the first move toward reconciliation, but with Papa gone, I hear little or nothing from Johan and Kristin. I’ve come to grips with having no contact with that part of my family. I’ve even forgiven them, but I refuse to make the first move.


Monday, July 9, 2012



Beginning in 1939, Erik Jorgenson, a Lutheran pastor in Kinservik, Norway, experienced a dream he interprets as a message from God. In the dream he’s told to leave Norway, thus sending his family on an epic journey. For his wife, Solveig, leaving Norway is the most devastating experience in her life.


1.)    How did you feel about Erik’s dream? Oh, that damnable dream. Eric had been talking about it for weeks. Then one morning he tells me God is speaking to him. I tried to tell him God doesn’t talk to poor Norwegian Lutheran ministers, but he wouldn’t listen to me.
2.)    Your parents, siblings and friends were all supportive. Once you were on your way to the United States, did you think this was going to be a good move for you? I knew it would be a good move for Eric, but I had no desire to leave Norway…my home…everything. Once I learned I was pregnant it was even worse. Eric was certain this child would be a boy, but I worried about it being a girl. I doubted he’d be able to accept that.
3.)    How did you think Erik felt about your children once your youngest daughter was born? Karl is special since he’s Erik’s first son. Of course, Johann is the most like Eric. I’m certain he will follow in his father’s footsteps and become a minister. Kristin is his beautiful daughter, but Anne just doesn’t belong. I often wonder what things would have been like if her twin brother, Swen, had been the one to survive.
4.)    As your children have grown, have your feelings for Anne changed? Anne is a difficult child to love. No matter what Erik says, he can’t get through to her. I don’t understand why she’s not content to associate with the young people from our church and marry like her sister. Why is college so important to her? Higher education is meant for the boys. Karl is a respected doctor and Johann is on his way to becoming a minister. It’s right for them, but not for Anne.

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Hi All

Okay, so blogging doesn’t come easy for me, but I think the time has come. With my 67th publication due out soon, I think this might be the time to start.

For those of you who don’t know me, I started writing in 1961 while I was still in high school. After more rejections than I care to think about, I turned to e-pubs. I signed my first contract In July of 2003. My first book, SUMMER’S CHILD was published on June 16, 2003, the same day my twin grandsons, Tanner & Tyler Brown were born. This book is published by Whiskey Creek Press and like all my books can be accessed through my websitee at http://www.derr-wille.com/

Over the next few weeks, I want to introduce my friends, family, fans and hopefully new fans to the characters featured in my books. For more information on where to purchase my books check out my website. Also there are several of my books available on Kindle and Nook.

On Monday July 9, I will begin the discussion about SUMMER'S CHILD complete with character interviews for Solveig, AJ and Libby. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.