Thursday, October 4, 2012


While QUADE’S QUEST told the story of Quade and the Cheyenne from the white point of view, WIND DANCER’S DESIRE tells the same story from the Cheyenne point of view.
1.)    You were with the hunters when they returned to find the people of your village massacred. How did you feel to be one of the few to survive? Everyone I knew and loved was in that village. The only reason I wasn’t in the ground with them was because I insisted on going on the hunt. Had it been known I carried Running Horse’s child, I wouldn’t have been allowed to go. For some reason, the Great Spirit spared me when he allowed Running Horse to lose not only his children but also his mother-in-law.
2.)    You’ve lived in a village in Canada for the past fifteen years. Why go there and not stay with your people? My sister and her husband were in the Canadian village as was my mother. Running Horse, like Crooked Snake didn’t want to be confined to the reservation as were others of our people.
3.)    You’ve been widowed for many years. How have you managed to survive? Crooked Snake has provided for me for many winters. Of course for many years I have been raising my sister’s daughter and she has married Growling Bear, so he also helps with providing for me. Then there is my son. Wolf’s Heart. He is of an age to help. I only wish Crooked Snake would ask me to be his third wife and provide for me taking the burden from the young men I call son.
1.)    For the past fifteen years you have gone south to get revenge for your people. It is said you want the killing to end. What has softened your heart? I have had dreams and visions from both my father’s spirit and that of my wife. They tell me the time for fighting has ended and a white man is coming to the fort who will bring peace to the Cheyenne.
2.)    You’ve been talking with the white missionary and have agreed to help the soldiers find out where the Indian Agent is selling the supplies meant for the Cheyenne. We’ve also been told the daughter of the missionary is your long lost child, Little Hummingbird. How do you feel about this? Hannah is a beautiful woman but she is more white than she is Cheyenne. I’ve also learned she is in love with the white Lieutenant, Quade. The reason I took him prisoner is so she will come to me. I’ve been told she knows of her connection to me as well as to her brothers. I pray she will accept us and I want to know if this white man returns her love.
3.) You’ve advised your sons to return to Canada and now you’ve given yourself up to the white soldiers. Do you not know this could mean certain death for you? The soldiers have cause to want me dead, but I had cause was well. Quade has told me he will represent me in the white court. I can only pray they will show me mercy and allow me to live out my days in the company of my daughter.

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