Monday, October 8, 2012


Several years ago a friend of mine called to say she ‘met a man’. I was so thrilled for her, since she’d been a widow for a long time. A year later I went to her wedding and SUE WATKINS: OVER THE HILL BIKER BRIDE was born. I am pleased to say my dear friend, the original biker bride is still married to her biker groom and they’re very happy.


1.)    You’ve been a widow for several years. How did you feel when Russ sent a drink over to your table? I was surprised, to say the lease. I mean he’s only a few years older than my oldest son. Even more surprising was when he joined my son Danny and me at the movies on Saturday afternoon and took us out to supper.
2.)    Russ is so different from your first husband. Do you really think you can be attracted to him? It’s hard not to be attracted to him. Of course, I have Danny to think about. The best part is Danny and Russ are becoming great friends. I don’t know how I could even think of not being attracted to him.
3.)    When you got cut doing dishes, it was Russ who kept his head and got you to the hospital. Did it bother you to give up control of your life? Yes, it did. Only minutes earlier we were talking about Russ moving out to the farm to be closer to Danny and me. To my surprise it was my former mother-in-law, Lillian, who suggested the move. Russ’ apartment building has been sold so he has to move somewhere in the next sixty days. I have to admit, I do enjoy his pampering.


1.)    Have you completely lost your mind? Sue Watkins is almost old enough to be your mother and she has a handicapped son to boot. You could have your choice of any woman in town. Why are you so interested in Sue? What you don’t understand is that I’ve done the trophy wife thing and what did it get me? She left me for a guy she met on the Internet and took me for everything I had. I’m lucky I was able to keep my bike. Sue is special. I knew it the first time I saw her at the bowling alley. As for her son, Danny he's a child in a man’s body. I’ve found when it’s one on one between the two of us, he’s more mature than people give him credit for. It must be terrible to know you were perfectly normal before the accident that left himyou handicapped and now to know the friends you once had have grown up without him and have left him behind and alone.
2.)    How did your move to Sue’s place come about? I came home on Friday night and found a note slipped under my door. It said my building had been sold and I had sixty days to move. I’ve been thinking about buying a house for Sue, Danny and me, but I knew we couldn’t talk about it until Sunday when we’re alone. I guess I was muttering about it when Danny and I were fishing. He was the one to drop the bombshell, then Sue’s mother-in-law, Lillian, suggested I move out to the farm. She says it would be perfectly proper, since Sue is so old she’s not interested in sex. I have to say, that’s not the vibe I’m getting from her.
3.)    It seems like you’ve completely taken over the running of Sue’s life. How did that come about? Sue was doing the dishes after our picnic lunch and she cut her hand on the blade for the food processor. I got her to the hospital and they put in eighteen stitches and insisted she not work for at least a week. Once I heard that, I called my friends in Door County and arranged for the three of us to take a vacation. From everything I’ve heard, Sue is such a hard worker she hasn’t taken any time for herself in years. I hope this trip will be good for both Sue and Danny.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


1.)    Crooked Snake’s sons, Tall Elk and Growling Bear came back to the village in Canada. Did you fear for Crooked Snake’s life? More than you will ever know. The blue coats hate him and with good reason. No one was more surprised than me when he returned with Quade and Major Roberts.
2.)    You returned to the village in Montana with Crooked Snake. Did you think he would ask you to become his third wife? I hoped so, but since our return he has been too busy to care what happens to me. The only time he has come to my lodge is when he asked for my counsel about becoming chief of these people.
3.)    It is said you are planning to become the second wife of another man in the village. Is this what you want? Of course it isn’t, but what else can I do? I cannot continue to depend on my son, Wolf’s Heart, and my son-in-law, Growling Bear, to kep me supplied with food. I need someone to provide for my needs. All I need to do is give him a son.
1.)    Since your return, there have been many changes in the village can you tell us about them? The first of course is Quade becoming the Indian Agent. He cares for the people. Then came his marriage to Hannah and the loss of the missionary. With settling my family in a new village things have been very trying to say the least.
2.)    Charging Buffalo has asked you to take his place as chief of this village. Are you prepared for such a thing? My father was the great chief, Hunting Hawk. From the day I was born, I was trained to take his place. The massacre changed everything. My heart has been too full of hate to be a good leader. Now that has all changed. I conferred with Wind Dancer and we both agreed this is what I was meant to do.
3.)    You have been told Wind Dancer is going to become the second wife of another. Can you give her your blessing? There is no way that woman will become wife to anyone but me. I have loved her ever since her husband, Running Horse, was killed. When my heart was filled with hate I could find no place for love. Since coming here I have become too busy to think of her feelings. That is all about to change.
The Quade series will continue with JOSEPHINE’S JOURNEY Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday look for the last of the Gals From Minter series, SUE WATKINS: OVER-THE-HILL BIKER BRIDE. This one is based on a true story.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


While QUADE’S QUEST told the story of Quade and the Cheyenne from the white point of view, WIND DANCER’S DESIRE tells the same story from the Cheyenne point of view.
1.)    You were with the hunters when they returned to find the people of your village massacred. How did you feel to be one of the few to survive? Everyone I knew and loved was in that village. The only reason I wasn’t in the ground with them was because I insisted on going on the hunt. Had it been known I carried Running Horse’s child, I wouldn’t have been allowed to go. For some reason, the Great Spirit spared me when he allowed Running Horse to lose not only his children but also his mother-in-law.
2.)    You’ve lived in a village in Canada for the past fifteen years. Why go there and not stay with your people? My sister and her husband were in the Canadian village as was my mother. Running Horse, like Crooked Snake didn’t want to be confined to the reservation as were others of our people.
3.)    You’ve been widowed for many years. How have you managed to survive? Crooked Snake has provided for me for many winters. Of course for many years I have been raising my sister’s daughter and she has married Growling Bear, so he also helps with providing for me. Then there is my son. Wolf’s Heart. He is of an age to help. I only wish Crooked Snake would ask me to be his third wife and provide for me taking the burden from the young men I call son.
1.)    For the past fifteen years you have gone south to get revenge for your people. It is said you want the killing to end. What has softened your heart? I have had dreams and visions from both my father’s spirit and that of my wife. They tell me the time for fighting has ended and a white man is coming to the fort who will bring peace to the Cheyenne.
2.)    You’ve been talking with the white missionary and have agreed to help the soldiers find out where the Indian Agent is selling the supplies meant for the Cheyenne. We’ve also been told the daughter of the missionary is your long lost child, Little Hummingbird. How do you feel about this? Hannah is a beautiful woman but she is more white than she is Cheyenne. I’ve also learned she is in love with the white Lieutenant, Quade. The reason I took him prisoner is so she will come to me. I’ve been told she knows of her connection to me as well as to her brothers. I pray she will accept us and I want to know if this white man returns her love.
3.) You’ve advised your sons to return to Canada and now you’ve given yourself up to the white soldiers. Do you not know this could mean certain death for you? The soldiers have cause to want me dead, but I had cause was well. Quade has told me he will represent me in the white court. I can only pray they will show me mercy and allow me to live out my days in the company of my daughter.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



1.)    You weren’t in town very long before there was a double murder and arson. How did you cope not only with losing two of your congregation but also having to do a funeral for the young man responsible for their deaths? The whole incident was tragic. I was there when the bodies were brought out of the house and gave comfort to the young man who was responsible before he died. It was a robbery gone so very wrong and when he asked me if God would forgive him, I assured him, he would be forgiven. I know I flew in the face of my congregation when I presided at his graveside service, but I had no other choice. I couldn’t allow his family to grieve without spiritual guidance.
2.)    Were you surprised at the respect you received from the community? I certainly wasn’t expecting it. It goes to show what small town USA is all about. Here I found people caring for people. I was thrilled I could be a part of this.
3.)    You’ve met Jim’s family and friends. Do you see yourself sharing his life? I would love to be part of Jim’s life, but I’ve never been in a league with these people. I hope I can fit in when and if Jim ever asks me to be within him for more than friendship.


1.)    Since Jayne came to town, you seem to be with her more and more. Are you two a couple? I certainly hope so. She’s a very special woman. I didn’t think I’d ever be this happy again after Meg was killed, but Jayne has rekindled a fire I thought has been extinguished.
2.)    Your house has sold and you’re getting ready to have an auction. Are you sure you’re ready for such a change in your life? I’m more than ready. The kids were upset when I first mentioned selling the house, but they understand my need to put the past behind me. I’ve actually purchased a house I’ve had my eye on for several years. It’s just the right size for one or maybe even two.
3.)    Do you think you’re ready to be the preacher’s husband? I most certainly am, I just hope she’ll be willing to settle for a sinner like me.

Next week look for the last of the books about Those Gals From Minter, WI. Unlike any of the other books SUE WATKINS: OVER THE HILL BIKER BRIDE is not a figment of my warped imagination. Sue’s real name is Sandra and the story is about her as well as her younger husband Rick.

Monday, October 1, 2012


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As an older woman, Jayne gave up everything to become a minister. Hopefully getting a position in Minter, WI will give her back some of what has been lost.


1.)    As the oldest member of your graduating class from Wartburg, are you worried about getting a call from a congregation who needs you? Of course I am. I want to preach the word, but when there are so many younger ministers out there looking for positions, I can understand why I would be overlooked.
2.)    Were you surprised when your friend Claire said she was giving up her life in Dubuque to go to Minter with you? I probably should have expected it, but it came as a complete surprise. When I accepted the call to Minter, Claire told me she could get a new job easier than she could get a new best friend. We met when I first came to Dubuque four years ago. At the time she’d come here to take care of her mother, but with her mother’s death, we became even closer. There aren’t a lot of friends like that in the world.
3.)    When you went to Minter for your final interview, you had a car accident. Did you take this as a bad omen? At first I did, but then things just started falling into place. Not only did I meet Jim Preston, but Claire made some good connections and got the dream job she wanted. It all worked out for the best.


1.)    You’ve been a widower for almost two years. What did you think when you literally ‘ran’ into Jayne? I have to admit, the time for mourning was past. I was just accepting the fact when I backed out of a parking stall and into one of the most amazing women I ever hoped to meet. The problem is Jayne is a minister, I doubt she would want anything to do with someone like me.
2.)    No one can believe you actually paid the down payment for her new car. Why would you do such a thing? I know what it’s like to start a new job, even if it was over thirty years ago. Money isn’t anything that’s readily available. Besides, the accident was my fault and I can certainly afford to help her out. I have this money, what good does it do me sitting in the bank?
3.)    You’re making a lot of big decisions. Do you think it’s wise to put your house on the market? I think the time is right. This house was Meg’s domain. Everything here reminds me of her. I can’t bring her back and what do I need with a big empty house? What I need right now is something small that is free of all the old memories. I know the kids will be hurt, but they’ll get over it. It’s time to move on. Meg is my past. Hopefully Jayne will be my future.

Friday, September 28, 2012



1.)    What did you learn about conditions at the reservation when you arrived at the fort? Things there are not good. The Indian Agent, Simon, is cheating the very people he’s been sent here to help. Not only has he been selling the supplies meant for the Cheyenne, he’s been bringing them rotten meat and buggy flour. Something has to be done to stop him. Thank goodness the Cheyenne have agreed to help us find out what’s been going on with him.
2.)    When you were heading to the area where you hoped to catch Simon in the act of selling the supplies, you were taken prisoner by Crooked Snake. Did you fear for you life? I’ve heard all the stories about him. Of course I feared for my life. It didn’t take him long to admit to me he is Hannah’s real father. I love her so much, but I can tell he hates me because I’ve asked her to be my wife. I had my suspicions about her parentage before I asked her, but I’d never mentioned it to anyone. Hopefully, I’ll live long enough to tell her none of this matters, I love her and want her in my life forever.
3.)    Were you surprised when Crooked Snake took you back to the fort and turned himself in? I saw a much different side of Crooked Snake when I was his prisoner. He allowed his anger to overflow at first, but then he became very caring. I think it was because Hannah came to find me and talked to him. I see what he did as acts of war and have decided to be his counsel at his trial. I know I’d hate to be tried for the number of Apache’s I killed while I was fighting them in Arizona Territory.


1.)    Quade is a very handsome young man. Do you think the two of you could ever be a couple? I would be so proud to be his wife, but once he knows who my father and brothers are, he will want nothing to do with me. Thank goodness I have my position teaching at the school on the reservation. When I tell them who I am, I’m sure they will accept me as Crooked Snake’s daughter and one of their own.
2.)    Your aunt, Owl Woman, has recognized you. Will that make your transition into life on the reservation any easier? I don’t know. I love the children as well as the rest of the people, but I have no idea how to live the life they do. I’ve been raised white. Then there’s the problem with my brother, Tall Elk. He wants me to be his wife. I can’t tell him of our true relationship, at least not yet.
3.)    When your father took Quade prisoner, you went to be with him. Do you really love him? Of course I do, but in all the time I was in my father’s camp, Quade never once said he loved me. I’m afraid he sees me for what I really am, the enemy. It’s best if I go out to the reservation and the house set aside for my white father and me. There is no future for Quade and me.

Being Cheyenne and yet having been brought up in the white world has made life hard for Hannah. Follow the story from the Cheyenne point of view next week when the characters from WIND DANCER’S DESIRE are interviewed on Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday find out what happens when THE PREACHER TAKES A HUSBAND.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The army was Quade’s life. He liked everything about it, with the exception of fighting Indians. So what’s he doing going to a fort on the fringes of a Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana?
1.)    You’ve been stationed in Virginia City for a long time. How is it you’re being relocated to Montana? It was a misunderstanding. The commander’s wife, Grace Walters, told her husband I’d made advances toward her. He had me shipped out to the middle of nowhere. She’s apologized several times, but it doesn’t change my options.
2.)    Were you surprised when Grace got off at the same stop as you? Hell yes I was surprised. I don’t want anything to do with her. Thank goodness the people at the railhead needed a cook and let her stay on.
3.)    The fort wasn’t anything spectacular. Do you really think you can make a difference here? I’m good at getting my point across. There’s no excuse for the men living in filth. Even though I had to fight them on every point they at least cleaned up their barracks and took a bath.


1.)    As a child your family was massacred by white soldiers. How did you come to be called the daughter of the missionary? Horace and Martha came on our village just after the soldiers left. They were the ones who buried the people and rescued me. They raised me as their own daughter, but they never allowed me to forget the names of my father and brothers, Crooked Snake, Growling Bear and Tall Elk. Now that my white mother has died, my white father has brought me back to the land of my birth.
2.)    You’ve been at this fort for a while. Are you afraid someone might question your heritage? Horace has told everyone I was adopted from one of the Eastern tribes, but I know too much about the Cheyenne and look too much like the children I teach at the reservation for someone not to question my background.
3.)    Crooked Snake and his sons have terrorized the soldiers at this fort for many years. Are you afraid he might be killed? I pray for his safety every day. I don’t blame the soldiers for hating him, but he carries his own hatred for the whites. From what I’ve been told, he’s been avenging the death of his people including my mother and myself for the past fifteen years.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


1.)    Chuck is planning to bring his old friend Hawk here to help in the clinic. He also told you he’s stayed in contact with Hawk and his wife, Lori. Since you and Lori were friends in Vietnam, are you worried about her spilling the beans about Chere being Chuck’s daughter? I’m scared out of my wits. I just hope I can talk to Lori before she decides to say anything to Chuck. I know she swore to keep my secret before we were sent stateside, but with Chuck and me together, she might say something before I’m ready to spill the beans myself.
2.)    Hawk and Lori are moving to Minter, how was it they ended up staying at your house? As soon as Lori and I met, we were just as close as we were forty years ago. She’s kept my secret well and since they wanted to move ASAP, I thought it was the thing to do to invite them to stay at my place. It’s not like I don’t have enough room for them. Besides, when they were able to move into their new home right away, I was glad I’d helped them out.
3.)    What happened when you finally told Chere about Chuck? Do the words ‘all hell broke lose’ mean anything to you? She stormed out of the restaurant without even eating lunch. The next day her family left on vacation. It just about killed me for us to be on such bad terms. I can’t ever remember a time when we weren’t in contact with each other on a daily basis.
1.)    Is it hard not being able to say anything to Gwen about knowing about Chere being your daughter? It’s very hard. I still can’t believe Lori never told me about Chere. We’ve all been friends ever since we got back from Vietnam. Even Hawk didn’t know about it until I talked to them. When I said I knew, Lori told me how hard it had been not being able to tell me about Gwen being pregnant when I left to go back to California.
2.)    You and Hawk have your hands full at the hospital. How did you find out about Gwen telling Chere the truth? I went up to her office and they told me she hadn’t come back from lunch. I checked her house but she wasn’t there either. Then her neighbors told me that when she has things to digest she quite often goes out to the cemetery where her husband is buried. That’s where I found her. We’ve got a long way to go, but now that the cat is out of the bag, I hope we can put everything behind us and move on.
3.)    All of a sudden you’ve got a ton of family to deal with. I’ve heard not only your daughter came to town, but Gwen’s kids arrived and so did her brother. How did you handle everything? I’m afraid not very well. Gwen’s brother along with her kids were loaded for bear and my daughter let me have it as well. She jumped all over me about what a jerk I’d been just barging in on Gwen the way I did. It’s going to take a while, but something tells me Gwen and I will be okay in the end.
Vietnam was a hard war for our country. Like most wars, those fighting it were just kids and away from home for the first time. With what was going on back home with the Free Love Society, it was no wonder those kids were experimenting with forbidden fruit. I hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews for this companion book to HELLO, DO YOU KNOW ME. Both are available on Kindle. The next Minter book will be THE PREACHER TAKES A HUSBAND, but before that, I’ll be interviewing the characters for QUADE’S QUEST the first of the Quade series.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Gwen thought what happened in Vietnam stayed in Vietnam, until Chuck landed at her hospital forty years after she returned home carrying the child she never told him about.
1.)    You served as a MASH nurse in Vietnam. Is that where you and Chuck first met? Yes, it was. It was the ‘60’s and back home free love was everywhere. Chuck as well as many of the other doctors was out to score and I was just another notch on his belt. The worst day of my life was when I planned to tell him I was pregnant. Before I could say anything, he told me he’d received his orders to go home and return to his wife and kids. Talk about a kick in the gut.
2.)    How did you handle your condition when you returned to Minter? I told everyone I’d become engaged to a medic and we were planning to be married when he was killed while on a rescue mission and his chopper went down. I was blessed when my boyfriend from high school returned from service and agreed to marry me. Even though he wasn’t Chere’s biological father, he loved her more than anything. I was always up front with Chere about what I did in Vietnam, I just left out the part about her father being alive and well and raising his ‘real’ family in California.
3.)    Were you shocked when you found out Chuck was going to be heading up the free clinic at your hospital? I don’t think the right word is shocked. It was more like I was horrified. For the first time in forty years I had to think about telling my daughter the truth and breaking the news to Chuck that he was a father. The whole thing had be tied up in knots and to make matters worse I found out I still have feelings for Chuck.
1.)    It sounds like you were quite the lover boy while you were in Vietnam. Did you tell your wife about your exploits? I wasn’t going to, but when I got home, I found out she’d been unfaithful too. She carried the evidence of her affair, but I forgave her. Little did I know I had another child because of my actions in Vietnam.
2.)    Didn’t the fact you were going to Minter WI send off any warning bells. I mean, that’s Gwen’s hometown. Weren’t you afraid you’d be running into her? I knew Gwen was from Wisconsin, but I never knew where. At the time we weren’t interested in minor details like that. The sex was what was on our minds.
3.)    Did you have any idea you were Chere’s father? I met her on the first day I was in the hospital. There’s wasn’t any doubt in my mind. She looks exactly like my own daughter. I just hope she can accept me. I’ve met her kids and already love all of them. Of course, I have to wait until Gwen is ready to tell me about Chere. In the meantime, I’m just glad I met up with Gwen again. I loved her in Vietnam and if things had ended differently for the two of us I would have divorced my wife and brought her to California to become my wife.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


1.)    For the winter months, you stayed with Atiko’s people to be close to your sister and her husband. Did Moon Shimmer go with you? I didn’t know if he would follow, but was surprised when he came willingly. As a wild creature, he is also very loyal to me. I was pleased to be able to spend the winter with my sister, but leaving Shining Star behind was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
2.)    Then you have feelings for Shining Star. It’s said she will become of an age to marry at the winter camp. What will happen if you return to her in the spring and find she is married to another? It is something I will have to accept. I have loved and lost before. I can only pray to whatever Gods will hear me that she will wait until my return to make a decision about our life together.
3.)    When you arrived at the camp at Cahokia City, you found she’d been kidnapped. What did you do? What do you think I did? I immediately tracked her across the river and did battle with Winter Fox to get her back.
4.)    Were you victorious? We were able to free Shining Star and those responsible for her kidnapping were punished. In the fight I was injured. It was the skill of the healers and the loving presence of Shining Star that brought me back to the land of the living.
1.)    How did you feel about Jayden going to be with Atiko’s people for the winter? I was worried. Jayden is a handsome man. It is possible he will be enticed by a woman of this strange village. I will become of an age to be married over the winter. My father told me there would be young men courting me and I should experience such a thing for myself. I don’t want to be courted by anyone but Jayden, but I must obey my father.
2.)    Winter Fox came to your lodge to court you. Were you pleased? No I wasn’t. I don’t want Winter Fox to play his flute for me or wrap me in his blanket. When I told him I wanted nothing to do with him, he struck me. For his actions he was banished to the tribes that live far to the west of the great river.
3.)    You were kidnapped by Winter Fox and his men. Did you ever think anyone would be able to find you? I was worried, but later I learned Moon Shimmer was able to find me. There was a terrible fight and I thought Jayden was going to die. I was glad when one of the men went back to our village to bring Mourning Dove to care for Jayden. It was the only chance for both him and Moon Shimmer, since he too was hurt in the battle to save my life.
The story of the people of Cahokia Mounds is one that is depicted at the visitor’s center for these mounds just across the river from St. Louis. I first discovered the mounds many years ago. I was in the midst of writing this story when I went back to the area. At that time Jayden and Javion came to me and begged me to tell their story. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Birdsinger series. Since none of the people really existed, they are products of my vivid imagination. The sacrifice of the 300 people at the time of the death of ‘The Sun’ is one that is told at the center and so this is my take on what might have taken place in that long forgotten society.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Jayden comes from a forgotten people who lived in a city of mounds at the edge of the Mississippi River. When he travels through time, he is forced to live with those he always called the wanderers and adopt their lifestyle as his own.
1.)    You were slated for sacrifice when your sister, Javion, unexpectedly disappeared. How do you explain your disappearance? The only thing I can say is it is the will of the Gods. Somehow I have managed to end up in the same time period as my sister. At first I thought I was dreaming when I learned she was carrying the child of the young shaman, but they hadn’t been joined. I couldn’t believe she would do something so alien to our beliefs.
2.)    You were asked to join the flint knappers. Did this surprise you? I was told my sister instructed these people as to how to work the flint, but being a woman they didn’t want her working with them. Their work is crude in comparison to that done by our people, even with her instruction, what they didn’t do was adjust the shafts of their arrows to accommodate the lighter heads of their arrows.
3.)     You went on a trip to gather the sacred flint. We you not afraid to travel without the protection of the stockade that surrounded Cahokia City? I no longer live within the stockade. I must adapt to my newfound friends’ lifestyle. On the trip I saw many wondrous things. I captured and tamed a wild horse to do my bidding and I found a wolf pup that was injured. Since then he has become my constant companion.

1.)    When Jayden first came to your village, he stayed with your parents. Did he show any interest in you? When he stayed in our lodge, I found him to be the most handsome man I’d ever seen. Of course, he saw me as little more than a child.
2.)    Did Jayden continue to stay with your parents? Oh, no. He moved into the bachelor’s lodge. It would have been proper for us to stay in the same lodge since we weren’t family.
3.)    I was told there was a problem within the bachelor’s lodge. Can you tell us what you know of that? Winter Fox thought when I became old enough to be joined, we would be together. He didn’t like the attention Jayden was paying to me. There was bad blood between the two of them, especially when Jayden’s constant companion was the wolf Moon Shimmer. It was decided two lodges would be built.

Friday, September 14, 2012


1.)    You took Betsy to the airport to go to Florida for the winter. Are you looking forward to spring when you come back to Minter? I am, but first I need to spend some time with my sister in Florida. It will be the first real vacation time I’ve had since this whole thing started.
2.)    Were you surprised when you found out Betsy’s friend called Vicki about selling Betsy’s place in Selkirk? I never thought finding her would be this easy. I persuaded Vicki to let me keep the appointment. I certainly didn’t expect to cause Betsy’s accident. I also didn’t expect the amount of damage her house had sustained in the hurricane. The least I can do is make the repairs. If she still wants to sell the place, I’ll gladly buy it for whatever price she’s asking.
3.)    We heard Cal came down to help you with the roof. We also heard Ronnie came and caught the two of you in bed together. Do you think you can persuade your son that you love his mother and plan to be together? Cal coming was a godsend. We were able to make short work of the roof, especially since my bother-in-law and his friends also helped. Cal did tell me he got back the DNA results and there is no doubt in his mind as to whether I’m his brother. As for Ronnie, it was all a misunderstanding. We were both exhausted and were taking a nap. Nothing was going on, but Ronnie jumped to all the wrong conclusions. I just hope when I return to Minter in the spring we can mend all the bridges and have a relationship. If not, I will be forced to disappear from Betsy’s life so she can again become close to Ronnie.
1.)    Matt’s visit shook you up, but what happened when you got to Florida you were in for more shocks. Can you tell us about it? I was shocked when Trish brought me back to her place. I thought the roof of my house would be replaced but it was still tarped. It’s hard to believe we were conned. Of course when I was starting to paint in the house, I had a terrible accident. I tripped over one of the sawhorses and not only broke my wrist, but also my cheek. I don’t know what I would have done if Matt hadn’t come down to do the work that needed to be done.
2.)    Ronnie came to surprise you and found you and Matt in bed. Do you think Matt will ever be able to get close to your son? I hope so. Of course the whole thing was a misunderstanding. We had been to the doctor in the morning to check the progress of my wrist and I was exhausted. The only thing we were doing was taking a nap. At this point, I don’t know if Matt and Jerry have a chance, but I hope so. I don’t want to lose him for a second time.
3.)    When you got back to Minter, you didn’t go to Ronnie’s house. Why is that? Ronnie and I aren’t on the best of terms at the moment. Dee and Bryce were generous enough to let me stay with them until my condo is ready. Since Ronnie and Nancy have already moved into my place, I think going back there would be awkward.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview. I’m going out of sequence next week and will be interviewing the characters of WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE WAR, GRANDMA? This book is a companion book to HELLO, DO YOU KNOW ME? As it also deals with a Vietnam vet. This time it’s a mash nurse and the doctor she had an affair with while stationed overseas. These interviews will be posted on thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday I will interviewing the characters from JAYDEN'S NEW PEOPLE, the last book of the BIRDSINGER series.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


In the 1960’s and 1970’s many young men went away to fight in a country called Vietnam. Unfortunately, not all of them came home to their loved ones and the ones who did were changed forever.
Matt Bratzman was one of those who returned changed. After being badly injured he had no memory of his life prior to the fire fight. After going through many surgeries as well as rehab, he finally returned to Wichita and took up his life where he left off.
Thirty-five years later, he began to realize perhaps the doctors were wrong and rather than being Matt Bratzman, he was really Jerry Fellows. With this new information, he now must see if he can reconcile with the family he’d left behind and who think he’s dead.
1.)    When you realized who your true identity, were you frightened? Yes I was frightened. I’d built a life as Matt Bratzman. I married his high school sweetheart, fathered his children, built his business and grieved the loss of my wife. Now I was faced with the reality I’d left behind Jerry’s wife and son to say nothing of his family.
2.)    You say you have children by your former wife. How do they feel about this? They are very supportive as is Matt’s sister, Vicki. I’ve changed my name legally, but we all feel I should find the remainder of my family.
3.)    When you talked to Betsy after Christmas, you promised her you wouldn’t come to Minter until spring. Why are you going there now? I’m not going there to barge into her life. My main hope is to see the place where Jerry grew up and try to remember something, anything from my past.
1.)    When you received the first call from Matt on Christmas Eve were you worried for your safety? Absolutely not. Even though I buried Jerry thirty-five years ago, I knew it was his voice on the other end of the line. Jerry’s brother Cal, as well as my son, Ronnie, think this is a hoax, someone out to take me for everything I have. I know better. I loved Jerry with all my heart and of there is one voice in this whole world I’d recognize, it would be his.
2.)    You went to Matt’s hotel room, how did you get enough courage to do that? I saw him when I went out to supper with Cal & Lonette and Dee & Bryce. I didn’t know what the pull to that man was until I went up into the attic and found the pictures Jerry sent me from Vietnam. The man at Alfrescos was an older version of Matt Bratzman. I decided to make the first move. For some reason I knew I’d be perfectly safe.
3.)    You took Matt on a tour of Minter. Were you worried about Matt meeting Cal for the first time? Of course I was. Cal was such a skeptic I was afraid the two of them would come to blows. Instead they talked like they were old friends. To be truthful, I felt almost like a fifth wheel.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012



1.)     Hawk has come to your village in search of a new shaman. Both you and Thunder are being considered, but it means you must accompany the twelve tribes on their trek to the winter campgrounds. How do you feel about this? I am not as excited as my brother. I have never liked Hawk and fear for our safety. I know too well the stories of what my parents suffered at Hawk’s hands when they traveled with them twenty years ago.
2.)    I am told the Mounds of the Ancients is a mystical spot. Did anything happen to you while you were there? I had my first vision there. I saw a young girl tied to one of the posts of what my parents call ‘woodhenge’. The next morning when I went there to pray, I saw the girl from my vision. I knew immediately she, like my mother, was a time traveler.
3.)    Javion has become very special to you. Do you see yourself spending the rest of her life with you? We were meant for each other. I plan to court her in the way of my people.
4.)    The testing of the twelve tribes has been very trying. Add to that the way Hawk feels about Thunder’s interest in Gentle Swan, do you think it was wise for your bother to go hunting alone? We often seek alone time, but being so far away from home, I now realize it was the wrong thing to do. Thank the gods that our ‘special’ bond alerted me when he was in danger. I know Hawk and the others didn’t believe me, but if we hadn’t acted on my feelings, Thunder would have been walking with the ancestors.
5.)    You and Javion are committed to each other. Do you foresee a problem in not being able to ask her father for permission to be joined?  It’s no different from when our mother was transported to be with our people. Her family has long ago walked with the ancestors. She is her own woman and able to think for herself.
1.)    Your family was highly honored when you were chosen to be sacrificed to follow The Sun to the afterlife. How did you feel about this? I was terrified. As the twelfth sacrifice, I had to watch as all of my friends were taken to the top of the mound where first their virginity and then their lives were sacrificed. I was terrified.
2.)    When you woke and saw Lightning coming toward you were you frightened? I was, because everything I had ever known disappeared overnight. The poles where we were tethered had rotted away and the city no longer existed.
3.)    Do you feel safe with the people of the twelve tribes? Lightning’s mother has assured me of my safety. She says the priests cannot come forward to find me. Until we left what remains of Cahokia City I did not believe her, but the farther away from them we travel, the more comfortable I become.
4.)    Lightning has asked to court you. Are you comfortable with the customs of his people? Among my people there are no courting customs. On your joining day is when you meet the man who will become your husband. Lightning has promised me delightful lovemaking and if we are lucky, a child will be planted within my body before we are joined. He tells me this is the custom of his people and I agree with it.
Coming next Monday and Tuesday are the interviews for JAYDEN’S NEW PEOPLE. This is another time travel and brings Javion’s brother forward to save his life. Tomorrow and Friday will be the interviews of Matt and Betsy from HELLO, DO YOU KNOW ME?