Saturday, October 6, 2012


1.)    Crooked Snake’s sons, Tall Elk and Growling Bear came back to the village in Canada. Did you fear for Crooked Snake’s life? More than you will ever know. The blue coats hate him and with good reason. No one was more surprised than me when he returned with Quade and Major Roberts.
2.)    You returned to the village in Montana with Crooked Snake. Did you think he would ask you to become his third wife? I hoped so, but since our return he has been too busy to care what happens to me. The only time he has come to my lodge is when he asked for my counsel about becoming chief of these people.
3.)    It is said you are planning to become the second wife of another man in the village. Is this what you want? Of course it isn’t, but what else can I do? I cannot continue to depend on my son, Wolf’s Heart, and my son-in-law, Growling Bear, to kep me supplied with food. I need someone to provide for my needs. All I need to do is give him a son.
1.)    Since your return, there have been many changes in the village can you tell us about them? The first of course is Quade becoming the Indian Agent. He cares for the people. Then came his marriage to Hannah and the loss of the missionary. With settling my family in a new village things have been very trying to say the least.
2.)    Charging Buffalo has asked you to take his place as chief of this village. Are you prepared for such a thing? My father was the great chief, Hunting Hawk. From the day I was born, I was trained to take his place. The massacre changed everything. My heart has been too full of hate to be a good leader. Now that has all changed. I conferred with Wind Dancer and we both agreed this is what I was meant to do.
3.)    You have been told Wind Dancer is going to become the second wife of another. Can you give her your blessing? There is no way that woman will become wife to anyone but me. I have loved her ever since her husband, Running Horse, was killed. When my heart was filled with hate I could find no place for love. Since coming here I have become too busy to think of her feelings. That is all about to change.
The Quade series will continue with JOSEPHINE’S JOURNEY Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday look for the last of the Gals From Minter series, SUE WATKINS: OVER-THE-HILL BIKER BRIDE. This one is based on a true story.

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