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1.)    What did you learn about conditions at the reservation when you arrived at the fort? Things there are not good. The Indian Agent, Simon, is cheating the very people he’s been sent here to help. Not only has he been selling the supplies meant for the Cheyenne, he’s been bringing them rotten meat and buggy flour. Something has to be done to stop him. Thank goodness the Cheyenne have agreed to help us find out what’s been going on with him.
2.)    When you were heading to the area where you hoped to catch Simon in the act of selling the supplies, you were taken prisoner by Crooked Snake. Did you fear for you life? I’ve heard all the stories about him. Of course I feared for my life. It didn’t take him long to admit to me he is Hannah’s real father. I love her so much, but I can tell he hates me because I’ve asked her to be my wife. I had my suspicions about her parentage before I asked her, but I’d never mentioned it to anyone. Hopefully, I’ll live long enough to tell her none of this matters, I love her and want her in my life forever.
3.)    Were you surprised when Crooked Snake took you back to the fort and turned himself in? I saw a much different side of Crooked Snake when I was his prisoner. He allowed his anger to overflow at first, but then he became very caring. I think it was because Hannah came to find me and talked to him. I see what he did as acts of war and have decided to be his counsel at his trial. I know I’d hate to be tried for the number of Apache’s I killed while I was fighting them in Arizona Territory.


1.)    Quade is a very handsome young man. Do you think the two of you could ever be a couple? I would be so proud to be his wife, but once he knows who my father and brothers are, he will want nothing to do with me. Thank goodness I have my position teaching at the school on the reservation. When I tell them who I am, I’m sure they will accept me as Crooked Snake’s daughter and one of their own.
2.)    Your aunt, Owl Woman, has recognized you. Will that make your transition into life on the reservation any easier? I don’t know. I love the children as well as the rest of the people, but I have no idea how to live the life they do. I’ve been raised white. Then there’s the problem with my brother, Tall Elk. He wants me to be his wife. I can’t tell him of our true relationship, at least not yet.
3.)    When your father took Quade prisoner, you went to be with him. Do you really love him? Of course I do, but in all the time I was in my father’s camp, Quade never once said he loved me. I’m afraid he sees me for what I really am, the enemy. It’s best if I go out to the reservation and the house set aside for my white father and me. There is no future for Quade and me.

Being Cheyenne and yet having been brought up in the white world has made life hard for Hannah. Follow the story from the Cheyenne point of view next week when the characters from WIND DANCER’S DESIRE are interviewed on Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday find out what happens when THE PREACHER TAKES A HUSBAND.

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