Tuesday, September 25, 2012


1.)    Chuck is planning to bring his old friend Hawk here to help in the clinic. He also told you he’s stayed in contact with Hawk and his wife, Lori. Since you and Lori were friends in Vietnam, are you worried about her spilling the beans about Chere being Chuck’s daughter? I’m scared out of my wits. I just hope I can talk to Lori before she decides to say anything to Chuck. I know she swore to keep my secret before we were sent stateside, but with Chuck and me together, she might say something before I’m ready to spill the beans myself.
2.)    Hawk and Lori are moving to Minter, how was it they ended up staying at your house? As soon as Lori and I met, we were just as close as we were forty years ago. She’s kept my secret well and since they wanted to move ASAP, I thought it was the thing to do to invite them to stay at my place. It’s not like I don’t have enough room for them. Besides, when they were able to move into their new home right away, I was glad I’d helped them out.
3.)    What happened when you finally told Chere about Chuck? Do the words ‘all hell broke lose’ mean anything to you? She stormed out of the restaurant without even eating lunch. The next day her family left on vacation. It just about killed me for us to be on such bad terms. I can’t ever remember a time when we weren’t in contact with each other on a daily basis.
1.)    Is it hard not being able to say anything to Gwen about knowing about Chere being your daughter? It’s very hard. I still can’t believe Lori never told me about Chere. We’ve all been friends ever since we got back from Vietnam. Even Hawk didn’t know about it until I talked to them. When I said I knew, Lori told me how hard it had been not being able to tell me about Gwen being pregnant when I left to go back to California.
2.)    You and Hawk have your hands full at the hospital. How did you find out about Gwen telling Chere the truth? I went up to her office and they told me she hadn’t come back from lunch. I checked her house but she wasn’t there either. Then her neighbors told me that when she has things to digest she quite often goes out to the cemetery where her husband is buried. That’s where I found her. We’ve got a long way to go, but now that the cat is out of the bag, I hope we can put everything behind us and move on.
3.)    All of a sudden you’ve got a ton of family to deal with. I’ve heard not only your daughter came to town, but Gwen’s kids arrived and so did her brother. How did you handle everything? I’m afraid not very well. Gwen’s brother along with her kids were loaded for bear and my daughter let me have it as well. She jumped all over me about what a jerk I’d been just barging in on Gwen the way I did. It’s going to take a while, but something tells me Gwen and I will be okay in the end.
Vietnam was a hard war for our country. Like most wars, those fighting it were just kids and away from home for the first time. With what was going on back home with the Free Love Society, it was no wonder those kids were experimenting with forbidden fruit. I hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews for this companion book to HELLO, DO YOU KNOW ME. Both are available on Kindle. The next Minter book will be THE PREACHER TAKES A HUSBAND, but before that, I’ll be interviewing the characters for QUADE’S QUEST the first of the Quade series.

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