Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Jayden comes from a forgotten people who lived in a city of mounds at the edge of the Mississippi River. When he travels through time, he is forced to live with those he always called the wanderers and adopt their lifestyle as his own.
1.)    You were slated for sacrifice when your sister, Javion, unexpectedly disappeared. How do you explain your disappearance? The only thing I can say is it is the will of the Gods. Somehow I have managed to end up in the same time period as my sister. At first I thought I was dreaming when I learned she was carrying the child of the young shaman, but they hadn’t been joined. I couldn’t believe she would do something so alien to our beliefs.
2.)    You were asked to join the flint knappers. Did this surprise you? I was told my sister instructed these people as to how to work the flint, but being a woman they didn’t want her working with them. Their work is crude in comparison to that done by our people, even with her instruction, what they didn’t do was adjust the shafts of their arrows to accommodate the lighter heads of their arrows.
3.)     You went on a trip to gather the sacred flint. We you not afraid to travel without the protection of the stockade that surrounded Cahokia City? I no longer live within the stockade. I must adapt to my newfound friends’ lifestyle. On the trip I saw many wondrous things. I captured and tamed a wild horse to do my bidding and I found a wolf pup that was injured. Since then he has become my constant companion.

1.)    When Jayden first came to your village, he stayed with your parents. Did he show any interest in you? When he stayed in our lodge, I found him to be the most handsome man I’d ever seen. Of course, he saw me as little more than a child.
2.)    Did Jayden continue to stay with your parents? Oh, no. He moved into the bachelor’s lodge. It would have been proper for us to stay in the same lodge since we weren’t family.
3.)    I was told there was a problem within the bachelor’s lodge. Can you tell us what you know of that? Winter Fox thought when I became old enough to be joined, we would be together. He didn’t like the attention Jayden was paying to me. There was bad blood between the two of them, especially when Jayden’s constant companion was the wolf Moon Shimmer. It was decided two lodges would be built.

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