Thursday, September 20, 2012


1.)    For the winter months, you stayed with Atiko’s people to be close to your sister and her husband. Did Moon Shimmer go with you? I didn’t know if he would follow, but was surprised when he came willingly. As a wild creature, he is also very loyal to me. I was pleased to be able to spend the winter with my sister, but leaving Shining Star behind was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
2.)    Then you have feelings for Shining Star. It’s said she will become of an age to marry at the winter camp. What will happen if you return to her in the spring and find she is married to another? It is something I will have to accept. I have loved and lost before. I can only pray to whatever Gods will hear me that she will wait until my return to make a decision about our life together.
3.)    When you arrived at the camp at Cahokia City, you found she’d been kidnapped. What did you do? What do you think I did? I immediately tracked her across the river and did battle with Winter Fox to get her back.
4.)    Were you victorious? We were able to free Shining Star and those responsible for her kidnapping were punished. In the fight I was injured. It was the skill of the healers and the loving presence of Shining Star that brought me back to the land of the living.
1.)    How did you feel about Jayden going to be with Atiko’s people for the winter? I was worried. Jayden is a handsome man. It is possible he will be enticed by a woman of this strange village. I will become of an age to be married over the winter. My father told me there would be young men courting me and I should experience such a thing for myself. I don’t want to be courted by anyone but Jayden, but I must obey my father.
2.)    Winter Fox came to your lodge to court you. Were you pleased? No I wasn’t. I don’t want Winter Fox to play his flute for me or wrap me in his blanket. When I told him I wanted nothing to do with him, he struck me. For his actions he was banished to the tribes that live far to the west of the great river.
3.)    You were kidnapped by Winter Fox and his men. Did you ever think anyone would be able to find you? I was worried, but later I learned Moon Shimmer was able to find me. There was a terrible fight and I thought Jayden was going to die. I was glad when one of the men went back to our village to bring Mourning Dove to care for Jayden. It was the only chance for both him and Moon Shimmer, since he too was hurt in the battle to save my life.
The story of the people of Cahokia Mounds is one that is depicted at the visitor’s center for these mounds just across the river from St. Louis. I first discovered the mounds many years ago. I was in the midst of writing this story when I went back to the area. At that time Jayden and Javion came to me and begged me to tell their story. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Birdsinger series. Since none of the people really existed, they are products of my vivid imagination. The sacrifice of the 300 people at the time of the death of ‘The Sun’ is one that is told at the center and so this is my take on what might have taken place in that long forgotten society.

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