Thursday, September 13, 2012


In the 1960’s and 1970’s many young men went away to fight in a country called Vietnam. Unfortunately, not all of them came home to their loved ones and the ones who did were changed forever.
Matt Bratzman was one of those who returned changed. After being badly injured he had no memory of his life prior to the fire fight. After going through many surgeries as well as rehab, he finally returned to Wichita and took up his life where he left off.
Thirty-five years later, he began to realize perhaps the doctors were wrong and rather than being Matt Bratzman, he was really Jerry Fellows. With this new information, he now must see if he can reconcile with the family he’d left behind and who think he’s dead.
1.)    When you realized who your true identity, were you frightened? Yes I was frightened. I’d built a life as Matt Bratzman. I married his high school sweetheart, fathered his children, built his business and grieved the loss of my wife. Now I was faced with the reality I’d left behind Jerry’s wife and son to say nothing of his family.
2.)    You say you have children by your former wife. How do they feel about this? They are very supportive as is Matt’s sister, Vicki. I’ve changed my name legally, but we all feel I should find the remainder of my family.
3.)    When you talked to Betsy after Christmas, you promised her you wouldn’t come to Minter until spring. Why are you going there now? I’m not going there to barge into her life. My main hope is to see the place where Jerry grew up and try to remember something, anything from my past.
1.)    When you received the first call from Matt on Christmas Eve were you worried for your safety? Absolutely not. Even though I buried Jerry thirty-five years ago, I knew it was his voice on the other end of the line. Jerry’s brother Cal, as well as my son, Ronnie, think this is a hoax, someone out to take me for everything I have. I know better. I loved Jerry with all my heart and of there is one voice in this whole world I’d recognize, it would be his.
2.)    You went to Matt’s hotel room, how did you get enough courage to do that? I saw him when I went out to supper with Cal & Lonette and Dee & Bryce. I didn’t know what the pull to that man was until I went up into the attic and found the pictures Jerry sent me from Vietnam. The man at Alfrescos was an older version of Matt Bratzman. I decided to make the first move. For some reason I knew I’d be perfectly safe.
3.)    You took Matt on a tour of Minter. Were you worried about Matt meeting Cal for the first time? Of course I was. Cal was such a skeptic I was afraid the two of them would come to blows. Instead they talked like they were old friends. To be truthful, I felt almost like a fifth wheel.


  1. I love this book. It is one of my favorite.

  2. Thanks Teri - After rereading it last week I realized how much I enjoyed writing it.