Tuesday, July 17, 2012


1.)    You’ve lived in Raleigh all your life. Did you know the Montgomery family? My old man worked at Montgomery Industries for years. I certainly was never in the same league with that family. I did date Connie in high school, just long enough to get in her pants. Not long after that I heard she was doing every guy in school. Of course, that was the end of things for me.
2.)    How is it you ended up working for Miss Charlotte to find her granddaughter? I was a cop for years, but then that came to an end, I hired out as a private investigator for Goodson, Seaton and Clay. They’re a very prestigious law office with Montgomery Industries as their top client. Miss Charlotte wanted to find her granddaughter and she wanted the best man for they job, so they sent me over to the mansion.
3.)    What led to the discovery that you are the father of Connie’s child? Miss Charlotte gave me complete access to Connie’s possessions, including her diary. Imagine my shock when I learned Kathy was my daughter. Thank God my wife and kids understand about the whole thing. I just don’t know how Kathy will accept everything that’s being thrown at her.
4.)    How do your employers feel about you being Kathy’s father? That’s a sore point to say the least. Until I found her, I didn’t tell them. Now if things don’t go well with her accepting her rightful place in Raleigh society, my job could be in jeopardy.

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