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Here we go again. I've decided to stick with my family epics as my first posts. I hope you enjoy reading about DONEGAL'S MISTRESS and please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Kathy Dunstad has always wanted to find her birth family, but has repeatedly run into a brick wall. A call from a private investigator, Tommy Lee Harris, is about to turn her life inside out.

When Tommy Lee accepted the assignment to find Miss Charlotte’s secret granddaughter, he never thought he’d become an overnight father. Although he’d dated and made love to Connie Montgomery, he figured he’d been but one of many. In truth, he’d been the one and only. Now he was faced with finding not only Miss Charlotte’s granddaughter, but also his own love child.

With the family of her birthmother all dead, Kathy is an heiress to a great fortune. To come to grips with it, she must read the story of THE MASTERS OF DONEGAL, in order to become the modern day leader of her family and Donegal’s new Mistress.


1.)    How long have you known you were adopted and did you ever try to find your birth family? I must have been about five when Mom and Dad sat me down and tell me how they chose me to be their daughter. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that my folks and I started looking for my birth family. Mom and Dad were wonderful and spent way too much money. By the time I got married, I gave up on ever finding them.
2.)    As you were reading THE MASTERS OF DONEGAL, how did you feel about your birth family? I have to remember it was a different time and a different place. Aaron was very interesting. When his brother wanted to deny him and send him into the priesthood, he had no choice but to leave home. Aye lass, no choice whatsoever, but had I not left Ireland, I’d never found my Donegal. Of course, without me, there would be no you. Keep reading lass and learn the good with the bad.
3.)    Ah…that was strange. Do you feel a connection to Aaron? I do, but Adam and James are a different story. I have no compassion for either of them, but I do for William. I guess one member of a generation is better than none. Let me say something here, Kathy. I love Donegal and am glad I was able to save it after The War. My father and James were products of their times, I was lucky enough to grow up in Philadelphia. At the end of The War, I was able to come ‘home’ and restore Donegal and it’s people to their former greatness.
4.)    Part of your in heritance is Donegal, what do you think about what it has become? From reading the book, I’ve found that running a plantation successfully without slave labor became next to impossible. I think my Uncle Jeff had the right idea in turning it into a tourist attraction. Not only did it become a money making proposition, but it brought in much needed jobs. I do wonder how my Great-Grandfather Morgan felt about the changes. With my daughter no longer being on Donegal, I wondered about the future. It was her son, Jeff, who resurrected the home we’ve all loved over the years. He’s breathed new life into the place. I hope you’re up to the challenge of Donegal, Kathy.
5.)    Now that you’ve seen Donegal, do you envision a live here? Donegal is my inheritance. My husband, Steve and I are a team and it’s a decision we have to make together. Only time will tell where our permanent home will be.
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