Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As an outcast in her own family, Anne follows her dream of a college education and becomes a fashion designer. Her new life takes her far away from her shelter existence in New Oslo, Minnesota to a dude ranch in Colorado. It’s there where the designer, AJ is born and her life takes a drastic turn to the point of severing the fragile ties with her family.


1.)    How do you feel about your family? I love them because I’m supposed to, but I’m much closer to my friend Marsha and her father. All my life I’ve been on the outside looking in. When they don’t want me to know what they’re talking about they speak Norwegian. As many times as I asked Papa to teach me to speak the language, he insisted there was no reason for me to speak any language but English.
2.)    How did taking the job at the Lady Jo change your life? Johanna, the owner here, gave me a change and together we built Fashions By AJ. Unfortunately the Lady Jo was also where I met Logan Prescott. He saw me as a cash cow and once he established himself in the literary community, he left me. The only good thing to come out of our marriage was our daughter, Libby.
3.)    How did your family react first to your marriage and then your divorce? Since I was pregnant when I got married, papa didn’t approve. He never even saw Libby. As for the divorce, that ended any communication with my family.
4.)    You’re a wealthy woman, AJ, were you worried when Garrett Lanners became interested in you? At first I worried, but he was very patient and waited for me to come to grips with my feelings. There’s no one in the world I love and trust more than Garrett.
5.)    Do you have plans to reconnect with your family? Karl made the first move toward reconciliation, but with Papa gone, I hear little or nothing from Johan and Kristin. I’ve come to grips with having no contact with that part of my family. I’ve even forgiven them, but I refuse to make the first move.


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