Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's Tuesday and I'm continuing with the interviews for DOUBLE M: THE MALLONS. This is the first of four books in this series, DOUBLE M: THE KENDRICKS, DOUBLE M: THE PARKHURSTS and DOUBLE M: THE JENNINGS. For anyone who reads books on Kindle, all four of these are available in that format for $3.99 each.


  1. Mike called you a half breed. Can you explain what he meant? My father. Will McGee, came to this valley with the first settlers, Ned Corbit and Luke Ellis. Pa only stayed one winter and then he moved into the mountains. He married my mother, a Flathead Indian. They were very happy until Ma and my brothers died of the fever. I was left not fitting in anywhere. I was half Indian and they didn't want me. I was half white and not sure how I'd fit in. I was blessed when Pa brought me to Corbit and I met Mike and Janet.
  2. What were your duties in the Mallon household? Between Janet and me, we took care of the kids as well as the household duties. Of course, after we lost Janet and Austin and I took Katie to Wisconsin, I was content to take care of Mike and Nevada.
  3. You mentioned taking Katie to Wisconsin. What was it like taking such a long trip? Under other circumstances it would have been interesting but with the stress, it was very hard. Being sick didn't help matters much. Of course, the hardest thing was leaving Katie in Wisconsin and returning to Montana along.


  1. Mike says you're from Philadelphia. How did you end up in Texas? I was the bastard son, you know the one no one acknowledges. Even with my education, once my mother died, I was forced to make my own way in the world. I changed my name from James Prentice to Nevada Jennings and finally landed on the Circle M ranch., Mike's Dad took me under his wing and made me part of the family.
  2. You're the foreman of the Double M. don't you want a ranch of your own? Hell no! Let Mike have the headache of running this place. As for me, I have my hands full with the work I love. Although Mike and I work well together, if we lose several hundred head of cattle to a blizzard, I'm not the one who had to figure out how to pay the bills.
  3. According to Mike, he says he couldn't run the Double M without either you or Maggie. Have you any romantic feelings for Maggie? I love Maggie dearly. I even asked her to marry me once. Unfortunately, she loves me like a brother, but not a husband. As long as I can remain close to her, I'm satisfied. Besides, I'm positive it's Mike she loves. I hope he comes to his senses and realize what he has in her before it's too late.

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