Friday, July 20, 2012


Hi All

Today is Steve's day at the blog. I'm sorry about no post yesterday, but I had a computer issue. New referbished CPU is now in place and things are back to normal, whatever that is.


  1. Your wife is an instant heiress. How will this affect your lives? Several years ago, I applied at Montgomery Industries. They asked me to come for an interview, but at the time I’d already taken another position. Working for Montgomery Industries is a dream come true. Running the company is something else altogether.
  2. All of a sudden you have a new father-in-law and his family in your life. How do you feel about Tommy Lee? More than anything I feel sorry for him. I can’t imagine having a child suddenly come back into my life. My God the man missed out on all the milestones in her life. Kathy and I have twin daughters and if I missed all of their firsts I’d be mad as hell.
  3. Will there be a problem for you to move to another state? None whatsoever. My family is scattered all over the country. If nothing else both Donegal and Raleigh will be closer than I am now.
  4. Do you think Kathy will be happier living in Raleigh or at Donegal? I’m not sure how well Kathy would do in a big city. She’s always lived in small towns. Even thought I worked for a big company, we opted to live in one of the smaller suburbs.
  5. As the head of the company, do you feel obligated to stay in Raleigh no matter what it does to Kathy and the girls? You forget, I’m not the head of the company, Kathy is. At the same time, she will become the mistress of Donegal. I’m sure we will work out something that will be agreeable to everyone.
Next week will start the character interviews for DOUBLE M: THE MALLONS

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