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  1. It sounds like you are a very sought after young woman. What is it like to have two men fighting over you? It was all such a mess. Clint spent a lot of money on me and in the long run all he wanted was the Double M. Thank God I found out the truth and Clay was able to save me from the biggest mistake of my life.
  2. With the war in Europe, I'm sure you were running short handed. How did you keep things going on the ranch? Nevada and the older hands kept things as normal as possible. Of course, Aunt Marion and Grandma Mallon took over the household duties including taking care of my son Jeff, so I could ride with the men.
  3. How did Jeff adjust to his father's return? Jeff was so young when his father went to war, I doubt he ever truly accepted Clay when he returned. Then Kenny and Janet were born and he had to share the spotlight. I can tell you that's not something Jeff is good at doing.


  1. You and Clay served together in the war. I know you were both injured. Is it anything permanent? Hell yes, it's permanent. Unlike Clay, who got his brain scrambled for a while, I had a REAL injury. I got shot in the knee and I'll walk with a cane for the rest of my life.
  2. Does it bother you that your sister is out working with the men so your father can send you money? Don't give me that crap. That ranch will belong to Suzie once Pa is gone. It's her future. The least Pa can do is invest in my future as well.
  3. Your father left you and Suzanna as equal owners of the Double M. Will you return to Montana to run it? I've got more interesting things to do than herd a bunch of dumb cows. That's Suzie's passion. She'll pay dearly to get me out of your life, or I'll find someone willing to meet my price.

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