Thursday, July 12, 2012


Libby had grown up with the notoriety of her mother, AJ, as well as her father, Logan. She has also realized true friends are hard to find. Among her friends, only Garrett’s son, Elliott, has stood beside her, no matter what. By the time she goes to college she takes a big chance in going to school in Minnesota.


1.)    With two very famous parents, do you feel you’ve had a normal childhood? What’s normal? For me, it’s flying back and forth between Colorado and New York. Summers with Daddy were spent with my grandmother and I guess they were fairly ‘normal’. Living with Mom in Colorado was my ‘real’ life. She wasn’t Suzie Homemaker, but our everyday routine was constant.
2.)    How did you and Elliott meet? The first time I flew alone, Mom and I met Garrett and Elliott. He was going to New York to see his mom. He’s the one who called us Summer Kids because we both went to New York to visit our parents for summer vacation.
3.)    How did you feel about your mother’s marriage to Garrett? I love Garrett. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the best thing ever to happen to Mom.
4.)    Why did you choose to go to school in Minnesota? Originally, it put me half way between Mom and Dad. It was also close to where Uncle Karl lived. Maybe in the back of my mind, I wanted to meet Mom’s family.
5.)    You, like your mother, are a very wealthy young woman. Do you plan to be a hands on owner for the Lady Jo and the Lazy B? By all means. I love the working ranch and I tolerate the dude ranch. Between the two, I think they’ll keep me busy for many years to come.

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