Thursday, July 26, 2012


Rick Parker and Janice Walters are both managers at different agencies in the Collier's Tours Group. When Glen Colliers books a Scandinavian Tour for forty-eight senior citizens, he fills it with clients from both Rich and Janice's offices. Using his clout, he convinces the two best tour guides in his organization to take the group. What he doesn't tell them is that they will be sharing a room for the entire tour.


  1. I see you're the manager of Collier's Travel in Seattle, Washington. As such do you often escort tour groups? You're kidding right? I have employees to do things like that. Of course, when Glen Collier told me I'd be taking this group myself, how could I say no? He is my boss.
  2. Janice Walters is escorting the other half of this tour to Scandinavia. Are you looking forward to working with her for two weeks this summer? Hell no! Janice Walters represents three things I'm not interested in. she's old, fat and totally obsessed with her husband. I don't mind taking senior citizens on tour or Bimbo sitting, with the younger agents, but I draw the line at old Bimbo sitting.


  1. Even though you're the manager of Collier's Tours in Minter, Wisconsin, you've escorted tours in the past. Even so, why haven’t you done so in the past few years? My husband, Ben, was very sick. After his death, I had no desire to socialize. Let's face it, if Glen Collier didn't insist I take out this tour I'd be happy to hold down the fort at the office and let Margaret handle this.
  2. Ho do you feel about sharing this tour with Rick Parker's group out of Seattle? I know Glen always like to have his tours made up of people from his agencies. I've never minded co-escorting with anyone...anyone that is except Rick Parker. That man is the biggest ladies man I know. I met him once. Thank God I wasn’t his type. It's no wonder his wife left him.

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