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Coming into the 20th century, Katie and Steve Kendricks have taken over the running of the Double M. Katie's death brings her daughter, Suzanna and her husband Clay Parkhurst, to the forefront and leadership of the Double M, especially after Mallon Kendricks decides on a life as far away from the Double M as possible.


  1. Growing up in Wisconsin, were you homesick when you returned to the Double M? I miss the family and friends we left behind, but Wisconsin can't begin to compare to Montana.
  2. You and Austin both returned to the Double M at the same time. Did you ever worry about having to share the ranch with him? I would have gladly shared the ranch with my brother, but his heart has always been on the reservation. We'll never have a brother/sister relationship but we do love each other.
  3. Nevada recently married Marion Howe and now they've adopted a baby. How does this affect you? With Pa and Maggie in Washington DC, it's wonderful to have Marion so close. As for Ralph, it's like having another baby. He's just a little younger than my children, Suzanna and Mallon.


  1. Do you ever think you'll return to the Double M permanently? My life is on the reservation. I'm doing the work I've always wanted to do by being a doctor for these people. The woman I called mother was a healer and I'm doing her work.
  2. A fire took the life of your wife and son and almost took yours. Are you still completely dedicated to the people on the reservation? There are good people among both the whites and the Indians. The man who started our house on fire was a renegade. The tribal council dealt with him.
  3. Mike's passing affected Katie badly. How did you handle it? Mike and I didn't have a traditional father/son relationship. I lost my father when Lone Eagle died. As for Mike, I've lost a good friend. He will be missed.

Tomorrow, the family will be moving further into the 20th century. While dealing with World War I Katie's daughter Suzanna will be tested as the owner of the Double M.

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