Thursday, August 2, 2012


Twenty-one years ago on July 10, 1991, my husband, Bob, received the Gift of Life, a Kidney Transplant at UW Hospital in Madison, WI. TRANSPLANTED LOVE was written as my healing book.
Lori Carter is suspicious when her best friend, Jan, Invites her to a dinner party to be the blind date for the new guy in town, Kent Saunders.
Kent’s been in town for a few weeks but hasn’t socialized much. The death of his twin sister in a car accident is too fresh in his mind to be interested in going out for fun.


1.)    You’re a lovely young lady. I’m surprised you’re not in a relationship. Why would you accept a blind date? I was engaged to be married five years ago, but when I went into kidney failure, my fiancĂ©, Mike, dumped me. Being on dialysis and working for the last four years didn’t give me much time for dating.
2.)    You and Kent seemed to hit it off right away. What happened to break the two of you up? I didn’t want Kent to know I was the Bionic woman, at least not for a while. It was nice being normal for the first time in five years. Then Mike met Kent in the locker room at the Athletic Club. He was the one who told Kent about me. I don’t know why Kent told me he never wanted to see me again.


1.)    I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. It had to be hard to start socializing after something like that. What attracted you to Lori? You’re kidding right? To start with, her given name is Lorinda. I thought it fit her perfectly and it’s a shame she allowed someone to shorten it. Secondly, she’s beautiful. It’s hard to believe she’s not with someone. The guy she was engaged to had to be a real jerk to let her slip through his fingers.
2.)    You met Mike at the Athletic Club. What did he tell you that drove you away from Lorinda? He told me what Lorinda didn’t. She’s had a kidney transplant. I could accept anything but that. You see when my sister died, she donated her organs. Those ghouls could hardly wait for her to take her final breath before they started cutting into her. The whole thing is unnatural and it makes me sick to my stomach. It’s almost like some evil scientist building a monster in his lab.
3.)    Right after you broke up, you went to LaCrosse for the weekend. What happened there to change your kind about Lorinda? I went to visit my brother-in-law, Dan. The accident left him in a wheelchair but for some reason he’s not as bitter as I am. What he showed me was a letter from the recipient of Kate’s kidney. The letter was from Lorinda. After I read it, Dan took me to the dialysis center at the hospital while he did physical therapy. When I saw what Lorinda had to go through, I could really appreciate the gift my sister was able to give her.

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  1. Had to check this site out, and am so excited to see these book all look right along the line of what thrills me the most.