Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Twenty years after Kit tumbled through time, her twins, now men, are ready for love but each with a very different partner. Blue Thunder falls in love with a woman considered different by even her family, while Lightening Strike finds love with a woman from the past. Like his mother, she has passed through time to be with him.

1.)    You and your brother are identical twins. Is this not unheard of among your people? It’s no more unheard of than our parents. As the second son of the shaman, my father should have become a hunter, unable to marry. Instead he follows his father’s footsteps. Our mother is a time traveler from the future, so why shouldn’t we be different.
2.)    Your man name is Blue Thunder and your brother is Lightening Strike. How did you come by them? On our vision quest the Great Spirit sent us the signs of Thunder and Lightening. It was only natural for this to happen for these signs have been important all our lives. Since I am told I glowed blue after the thunder, I became Blue Thunder, while the lightening left a white streak in my brother’s hair.
3.)    In going to the winter campground with Hawk’s people, you and your brother are to be tested to see which one of you will become the shaman for Hawk’s village. Are you concerned? My brother and I have the same abilities. Whichever one of us is chosen to be Hawk’s shaman matters not. I think more of how to win Gentle Swan’s heart.
4.)    You were injured by the cougar. Were you surprised when it was Gentle Sawn who nursed you back to health? Her skills as a healer are some of the best among the twelve tribes. She was gifted at the Mounds of the Ancients when she was given not only her ability to heal but also allowed to see visions.
5.)    If you’re not chosen to serve Hawk’s people, will you and Gentle Swan still be joined? We will be joined, but I will not take her from her people. I will be content to serve my brother as his hunter. My father has other sons to follow him.
1.)    You are Hawks’ daughter. As a child you were deemed different by your people. How have things changed for you? I received a vision at the Mounds of the Ancients and when I did, the Great Spirit saw fit to give me the ability to be a healer. Although I am beyond the age to marry I am now respected by my people.
2.)    Blue Thunder and Lightning Strike are joining your people on the trek to the winter campground. It is said they are to be tested and one of them will come to your people as their new shaman. As such you will be working closely with them. Are you prepared for this? I am little more than a healer. No matter which twin joins our people is of no consequence to me.
3.)    Thunder has been at your dwelling often. Is it possible he is courting you? My father and brother say no, but I feel differently. Thunder says he has feelings for me and has agreed to court me in the tradition of my people, even though I want to be with him in every way. I would not be unhappy to carry his child when we are joined.
4.)    Thunder says if he is not chosen to be the shaman for your people he will be content to be a hunter for his brother. How do you feel about this? The thought of Thunder not doing what he’s been trained for disturbs me. I am more than willing to go to Atiko’s people. Only the council of elders knows what will happen.

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