Friday, September 7, 2012


1.)    You and Denny spent a lot of time together during the blizzard. What happened that sent you to the hospital for emergency surgery? During the blizzard, Denny used his cross-country skies to come over to see me. It was very romantic. Once we were plowed out, I went over to the school and picked up my grades. Let’s just say his practical joke backfired and I ended up taking a tumble down the stairs at the lecture hall. I shattered my knee and had to have it replaced. I’ve been absolutely miserable ever since. Imagine, my first Christmas without Polly being here and I have to spend it in the hospital.
2.)    Denny took you back to his house and became your caretaker. How did that work for you? How do you think? He gave me diamond earrings for Christmas. Thank god he didn’t give me an engagement ring. The one thing I’ve learned is that we get on each other’s nerves. It if hadn’t been for my friend Betsy, I don’t know if I’d been able to do the exercises and remain civil.
3.)    As soon as you were able, you flew out to Denver to be with Polly and her husband. I heard something wonderful happened while you were there. Do you care to tell us about it? I met an old friend on the plane and he offered me a dream job with his company. I couldn’t believe how generous the offer was. I did go home to pack up my life. While I was there I tried to call Denny to tell him my news, but he wouldn’t answer my calls. I guess it was just a teacher/student fling and I have to get over it.
1.)    Kate blames you for her accident. Were you really at fault? I guess I was. I thought it would be cute to write her a cryptic note on her paper. I meant it to say C.U.F.D. meaning see you for dinner, but she only saw the C and thought it was her grade. When she called me on it, I thought she was joking and asked her if she thought I’d give her an A just because we slept together. She was so mad she missed the top step and there was nothing I could do to stop her fall.
2.)    You brought her to your house to recuperate after the surgery. Do you think that was a mistake? I think mistake isn’t a strong enough word. We were together 24/7 under less than desirable circumstances. I was guilt ridden about my part in her accident and she was still fuming over what I said. Nothing I can ever say will take away those biting words.
3.)    Kate moved out to Denver. What are your plans? My dad passed away over the winter, so that leaves me with no ties to Minter. I put out some feelers and over spring break had an interview in Colorado. It’s far enough away from Denver that I probably won’t run into Kate, but there’s always hope.
Watch for the next of those gals from Minter when Betsy’s first husband returns from the dead in HELLO DO YOU KNOW ME for interviews on Thursday and Friday next week. All of the books in this series are available on Kindle, so I hope you’ll check them out. On Monday and Tuesday, we’re back in the past with Kit and Atiko’s sons THUNDER & LIGHTNING.

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