Thursday, September 6, 2012


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Kate Armstrong had to quit college three credits short of graduation when she got pregnant. Flying in the face of society, she opted to raise her daughter, Polly, alone. Now thirty-three years later she has to finish getting her degree in order to keep her job. How could anyone predict that the jerky jock from high school would be her Romantic English Literature professor.
1.)    I hear you’re going to go back to school. How do you feel about that? It scares me to death. Over thirty years ago I was three credits short of graduation when I got pregnant with my daughter. I gave up on my dream to raise Polly on my own. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life, so why do I have to go back to school now? My boss, Cal, says it’s because I need my BA in order to keep my job one we get the national rating for the company I work for.
2.)    You’ve started school. How’s it going? My two computer classes are great. Of course, I was excited about my Romantic English Literature class until I found out Denny Bostian was going to be my instructor. He was a jerky jock in high school and I doubt he’s changed much with age.
3.)    Were you surprised when Denny started leaving you notes on the whiteboard at the front of the room? To be truthful, it shocked me. At first I didn’t think it was meant for me, but the first note was in the code we used in high school. That’s when I realized none of the other students understood it.
1.)    You were Big Man On Campus in high school and college. How is it you’re teaching Romantic English Literature? I admit to the whole jock experience but that was before I met my wife, Lori. She was an English major and I guess it rubbed off on me. I loved her so much I changed for her. We wanted a house full of kids, unfortunately she couldn’t have children and liver failure took her from me forever.
2.)    You’ve come full circle. What’s it like to be teaching in your home town? It’s different. In a way its like I never left and yet we’re all so different. I guess older is the word. I was shocked to find Kate in my class, even more so to learn she never married.
3.)    You wrote her a note on the whiteboard. Were you afraid she wouldn’t understand it, or worse yet wouldn’t think it was for her? I was a bit concerned, but since the code was one we made up in high school, I hoped she would get my meaning. It pleased me when she accepted my invitation.

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