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With Labor Day I didn’t get the interviews for Wildcat’s Hunger done yesterday, so I’m doing both days in one today.
Wildcat is a warrior and hunter of Hawk’s band. His best friend is Snapping Turtle and when he stays behind Wildcat and Spotted Pony feel the brunt of Hawk’s anger. Upon returning to the village where Snapping Turtle spent the winter, Wildcat is taken by a widow with two children. His problem is she doesn’t feel it proper for someone like her to become the first wife of a man of his status.
1.)    You went with Snapping Turtle and the raiding party to kidnap the spirit Woman. How do you feel about returning to your people without Snapping Turtle? I fear Hawk will be very unforgiving when he learns his brother is a willing captive. It would be much better if Spotted Pony or I would have been the one to stay behind.
2.)    Hawk has sent you and Spotted Pony back to advise Snapping Turtle’s captors of the exchange for Atiko. Were you surprised with what you found? The first thing we learned was that Snapping Turtle was far from a captive. He’s well respected and has even married Atiko’s sister. I fear what will happen when Hawk learns he will not be returning to our village.
3.)    While you were in the village you met a widow with the children. I hear you asked her to be your wife. Did she accept? Mourning Dove turned me down. I don’t know why. What I do know is she’s the only woman I want in my life. Her children need me and I need them.
1.)    You’re an outcast from your people because of the actions of Fighting Beaver, your first husband. Now that you are widowed how will you survive? As a child I was trained to be a healer. Makisa appreciates my knowledge of herbs so I pray I can make myself useful in the village. One does not always need a man to be respected.
2.)    Your son, Winter Moon needs a father. That said, why did you turn down Wildcat’s marriage proposal? Wildcat is a great hunter. As a member of the twelve tribes he deserves a virgin as his first wife, not a widow with two children and an outcast from my own people.
3.)    Why were cast away from your village? My husband angered our chief, Kicking Bear. At the time I was carrying Winter Moon. I had to make a decision. If I stayed with our people, I knew my child would be killed at birth so that Fighting Beaver’s blood would not survive. If I followed my husband, I knew I could never return to our village. I chose life for my son over the acceptance of my family.

1.)    Upon your return to the summer camp, Hawk urged you to go to Kicking Bear’s village to find out why Mourning Dove turned you down. Were you surprised? I could not believe the way Hawk changed toward me. He even insisted Spotted Pony go with me. I pray I will find the answers to my questions about Mourning Dove in Kicking Bear’s village.
2.)    All is not well with Kicking Bear’s people. Does anyone know who is behind the raids? Kicking bear suspects Fighting Beaver and Winter Hawk. Since I know Fighting Beaver is dead he has been eliminated. As for Winter Hawk, I’ve known him since we were children. I fear he is being unjustly accused. Besides, I doubt even he would stoop to burning the lodges of women and children.
3.)    You were badly burned when you rescued Kicking Bear’s youngest son. Did you think you would be walking with the ancestors? I knew I would be. Especially when the healers said there was little they could do to help me. If it hadn’t been for Mourning Dove, I would have been with the ancestors. She came to this village, even though she knew she was unwanted to become my caregiver.
1.)    When Hawk and your brother came to the village to get you, were you anxious about going home? I knew I wouldn’t be welcomed by my people, but Wildcat needs me. No matter what I said when he asked me to be his first wife, I do love him. If I were a better person, he would be the perfect father for my son, Winter Moon and my daughter, Little Butterfly.
2.)    Were you shocked when you saw Wildcat’s condition? My mother had been caring for him, but I’ve learned many new ways of healing since I left her side. I think she is more than happy to have me take over his care. She is ready to blame me if he doesn’t survive.
3.)    Because of your care, Wildcat has made a complete recovery. You are soon going to become his wife. Do you think he will be a good father to your children? He adores Winter Moon and Little Butterfly and they feel the same about him. We will make a good family.
Next Monday and Tuesday Kit’s twin sons find love as adults in the next book of the series THUNDER & LIGHTNING. Be prepared for more time travel and the mystic link between identical twins.

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