Wednesday, September 12, 2012



1.)     Hawk has come to your village in search of a new shaman. Both you and Thunder are being considered, but it means you must accompany the twelve tribes on their trek to the winter campgrounds. How do you feel about this? I am not as excited as my brother. I have never liked Hawk and fear for our safety. I know too well the stories of what my parents suffered at Hawk’s hands when they traveled with them twenty years ago.
2.)    I am told the Mounds of the Ancients is a mystical spot. Did anything happen to you while you were there? I had my first vision there. I saw a young girl tied to one of the posts of what my parents call ‘woodhenge’. The next morning when I went there to pray, I saw the girl from my vision. I knew immediately she, like my mother, was a time traveler.
3.)    Javion has become very special to you. Do you see yourself spending the rest of her life with you? We were meant for each other. I plan to court her in the way of my people.
4.)    The testing of the twelve tribes has been very trying. Add to that the way Hawk feels about Thunder’s interest in Gentle Swan, do you think it was wise for your bother to go hunting alone? We often seek alone time, but being so far away from home, I now realize it was the wrong thing to do. Thank the gods that our ‘special’ bond alerted me when he was in danger. I know Hawk and the others didn’t believe me, but if we hadn’t acted on my feelings, Thunder would have been walking with the ancestors.
5.)    You and Javion are committed to each other. Do you foresee a problem in not being able to ask her father for permission to be joined?  It’s no different from when our mother was transported to be with our people. Her family has long ago walked with the ancestors. She is her own woman and able to think for herself.
1.)    Your family was highly honored when you were chosen to be sacrificed to follow The Sun to the afterlife. How did you feel about this? I was terrified. As the twelfth sacrifice, I had to watch as all of my friends were taken to the top of the mound where first their virginity and then their lives were sacrificed. I was terrified.
2.)    When you woke and saw Lightning coming toward you were you frightened? I was, because everything I had ever known disappeared overnight. The poles where we were tethered had rotted away and the city no longer existed.
3.)    Do you feel safe with the people of the twelve tribes? Lightning’s mother has assured me of my safety. She says the priests cannot come forward to find me. Until we left what remains of Cahokia City I did not believe her, but the farther away from them we travel, the more comfortable I become.
4.)    Lightning has asked to court you. Are you comfortable with the customs of his people? Among my people there are no courting customs. On your joining day is when you meet the man who will become your husband. Lightning has promised me delightful lovemaking and if we are lucky, a child will be planted within my body before we are joined. He tells me this is the custom of his people and I agree with it.
Coming next Monday and Tuesday are the interviews for JAYDEN’S NEW PEOPLE. This is another time travel and brings Javion’s brother forward to save his life. Tomorrow and Friday will be the interviews of Matt and Betsy from HELLO, DO YOU KNOW ME?

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