Friday, August 31, 2012


1.)    I see you rented your duplex to Bryce. Were you able to get the doorway in the garage closed up? I planned to, but there was too much to do. Of course, right after Bryce moved in I was glad it didn’t get closed up. When someone broke into my house, I was glad to have somewhere safe to go.
2.)    You and Bryce have gotten close. Do you think your kids will be all right with your new relationship? I know my kids are okay with it. I also know Bryce’s daughter will be happy for us. His son is a different subject. I don’t think he’s accepted his mother’s death, so he doesn’t want his father to be with anyone else.
3.)    You went down to St Louis for Thanksgiving. What did you find when you got home? It’s so hard to talk about this. When I got back, Bryce wasn’t home and the doorway in the garage was closed up. You’d think he’d have the decency to at least give me notice. I don’t understand what I did wrong.
1.)    Were you surprised when Dee knocked on your kitchen door in the middle of the night? Surprised isn’t the word I’d use. Thank goodness we decided not to close up the doorway between the garages. I shudder to think what would have happened if she’d been trapped in the house with that drunk.
2.)    With the exception of your son, Mike, the kids seem to be okay with you and Dee as a couple. Do you think Mike will come around? I honestly don’t care if he does or not. It’s my life, not his. I’ve paid through the nose for Mike to ‘find’ himself. Now it’s time for me to be happy again.
3.)    When you got home from the conference and saw the doorway closed up, what did you think? I was confused at first. Then I realized it was Mike’s doing. I don’t know if I can convince Dee I still want her in my life.
This is the third book in the series about Those Gals From Minter, WI. Next Thursday and Friday look for the interview of the characters from KATE ARMSTRONG: OVER THE HILL COED.

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