Tuesday, August 14, 2012


1.)    You went into the army and fought in the Gulf War. I hear you were wounded. Do you think you can overcome it? Of course I can. I took some shrapnel in my knee. I’ve been given physical therapy to do and I will do it. Things could be worse. I could have lost my leg like my roommate, Bax. I thank God every day that things weren’t worse.
2.)    You mentioned Bax. How is he adjusting? A lot better than he was before he met my mom and Luke. They not only arranged for his wife and daughter to come and visit, but they offered to bring his family back to Corbit. The corporation has offered to help Bax finish his education and give him a job at K-Chemical. I’m so glad he took them up on the offer. We’ve become friends and I’d hate to have him living and working half way across the country.
3.)    You found more than a best friend in Texas. What else happened while you were there? First I met Dr. Mallon. He’s related to us since Mike Mallon was the brother of one of his grandparents, Phillip. I don’t know how many greats to add on, but finding him and his brother completed our family. Second I fell in love with Sylvia Mallon. She was my nurse and believe me it was love at first sight.
1.)    How do you explain surviving 9/11 unscathed? Unscathed? That’s a strange word to use. Those of us who, for one reason or another, were late for work that day are scarred for life. We knew our co-workers were dead and by the grace of God we survived. I’ll never forget the nightmare of that day.
2.)    Because of the tragedy you met Dr. Brad Grant. Did you know right away you were going to get married? At first we were too overwhelmed to be thinking further than the next minute. When he finally asked me out to dinner, I was only too happy to accept. As for marriage, I think it was the next step. When my brother, Lance, fell in love with Sylvia at first sight, I thought he’d lost his mind. Now I know exactly how he felt. Brad is the man I want in my life for eternity.
1.)    When 9/11 happened you wanted to quit school and join up with your cousin, Ike. What held you back? My dad, Uncle Luke and Lance. They all persuaded me to finish my education. It was hard. I wanted to fight, now I wish I’d never gone.
2.)    You’re named for one of the founders of the Double M ranch. Are you planning to come back to the Double M? Ike loves the ranch and Luke loves the dairy operation. For me, my life is bringing culture to the area. You know plays, musicals, and orchestras putting on performances. This takes me in an entirely different direction from the rest of my family. I know they’re all proud of me and support the Ned Corbit Performing Arts Center.
This book ends the Double M series. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about the characters and will be looking into the books of the series. These books are all available on Kindle at a price of $3.99. I thank you for the time you’ve taken to read about one of my favorite families. It’s hard to believe I wrote the first book while still in high school and didn’t pen the last one for over forty years.
At the end of this week, get ready to check out the gals from Minter, WI. That series will begin with COFFEE, TEA OR LOVE on Thursday and Friday. I’ll also be visiting another series on Monday and Tuesday’s as I will be delving into the characters of the BIRDSINGER Series.

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