Friday, August 3, 2012



1.)    When Kent returned from LaCrosse the two of you got back together. What do you think changed his mind about your relationship? I’m not sure, but I think it had something to do with his brother-in-law Dan. He lost his wife, Kent’s twin sister, and maybe he told Kent not to lose out on something special. Whatever it was, Kent suggested I got to LaCrosse with him for the weekend. It was wonderful meeting his family.
2.)    We’re told Mike was caught threatening your family with a gun. Will you be returning home? Kent and I are leaving in the morning. Thank God I was with Kent in LaCrosse. If I hadn’t been, I’m sure Mike would have killed me.
3.)    You’ve had a rejection scare. Was it because of all the excitement this weekend? At first we thought so, but it turned out to be a reaction to the medication. The worst part was when Kent accused me of losing Kate’s kidney. That just about did me in.


1.)    Lorinda accused you of saying she was losing Kate’s kidney. What were you thinking? That’s just it, I wasn’t thinking. At the time, I thought Lorinda was my link to Kate. I was angry to think that Lorinda might lose the precious gift from my sister.
2.)    Do you think this is the end of things for you and Lorinda? I hope not. I loved her before I learned of the kidney transplant. I loved her more when I learned she had Kate’s kidney. Non I’ve screwed everything up and I’m the one who has to fix it.

Since this was my healing book, I dedicated it to those who wait for a transplant and those who so willingly sign their donor cards. Without one of those signed cards, my husband might have been one of those waiting without receiving. My hope is that everyone who reads this will be moved to sign their donor cards. Donated organs, kidneys, hearts, lungs, eyes, and pancreases save lives. We’re living proof of it.

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