Monday, August 27, 2012


When Atiko goes off in search of Kit, Snapping Turtle stays behind as a willing captive until Atiko and Kit can return from Hawk’s village. Unwilling to give away his true identity, he agrees to hunt in Atiko’s absence for the shaman, Clankor, and his family.

1.)    You and your friends were on a mission to bring the Spirit Woman back to your village. What went wrong? Somehow the people of this village knew we were coming and ambushed us. I told my brother, Hawk, going there was a fool’s mission, but he wouldn’t listen to me.
2.)    Why did you volunteer to stay behind as a captive? I know my brother well enough to understand if he doesn’t have anything at stake, he might not return Kit and Atiko. Since the trackers confirmed Kit is now in Hawk’s village, I fear for Atiko’s safety when he goes to ask for her return. Knowing the people have already started the trek to the winter campground, Atiko will have an entire season with my people and Hawk’s temptation to do him harm will be lessened because I am in their village.
3.)    You told your friends of your attraction to the woman named Makisa. Could that be the reason you volunteered to stay behind. Partly. I would like to get to know her, but as I said before I also know my brother. If one of the married men stayed behind, it’s possible he would launch an attack. If either Wildcat or Spotted Pony were to stay, he’d have little reason to spare Atiko’s life. Hawk and I are close, he would not harm Atiko, if he thinks it could cost me my life.
1.)    I know you and Kit have become close, but so much has happened since her arrival, how are you handling it? Atiko loves Kit and I’ve come to love her as well. Of course, we weren’t prepared when the men from Hawk’s village came to kidnap her. Thank goodness Kit and Atiko warned us. I didn’t mind having to serve the prisoners, but the man I was promised to, Pikar, didn’t like it at all. When he hit me, I realize there was a reason his seed didn’t take root in my body. The Great Spirit was keeping me from making a terrible mistake.
2.)    Do you mean to tell me you and Pikar were trying to have a baby before you were joined as man and wife? It’s our custom. Before a woman can be joined to her life partner, she must prove she can give her man children. We’ve been promised ever since I became a woman. The longer it took for me to conceive, the more he changed. Never before has a man of our village beat his woman.
3.)    Many of the men of your village were imprisoned for beating their wives. It all seemed to come to light when your brother, Tak, took the lives of his wife and daughters. What happened? It seems my brother started beating his wife when she gave him only daughters. He convinced his friends this was acceptable. Tak took his own life in the river. As a result, Pikar and his brother were banished from our village. The others were imprisoned away from their families for the entire winter.

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