Friday, August 24, 2012


1.)    On your vacation, you met a woman by the name of Dorah. How did she change your life? She saw something in me I didn’t see. When I started talking about my childhood pranks with my friends, Jerry, Sandy, and Devan, she realized it could be a stand up comic routine. I still can’t believe I signed a contract to do this for a living.
2.)    One of your fellow comedians, Hunter, works in TV. Now the two of you are going to star in your own show, Black and White. Are the two of you romantically involved? Don’t get me wrong, I do love Hunter, but only as a friend. He assured me there could never be anything between us. Not just because he’s black and I’m white, but because I’m in love with someone else, Devan.
3.)    There was a reunion show. Were you and Devan able to get back together? As much as I wanted it, nothing happened. My life is going to be in Los Angeles and he’s needed in Philadelphia. There’s no way this can work.
1.)    I understand your need to move to Philadelphia, but how could you shut Julie out completely? Julie doesn’t need me. She’s turned into Jewel West and has a lot of people looking out for her. My son, Todd, on the other hand, needs me to be there for him.
2.)    It was reported that Julie is being stalked by a secret admirer. Do you think she’s in danger? She’s in no danger from her secret admirer. I’m the one who has been sending her the flowers. It was my way of staying in touch with her. I’m so sorry it all backfired.
3.)    You’re back in Minter for class reunion. Do you think you and Julie will get back together? I hope so. I’m praying she’ll listen to me. Her future is so bright I don’t know if what I have to offer will measure up.
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