Tuesday, August 28, 2012


1.)    Were you surprised when Clankor suggested you and Makisa should become a couple? I most certainly was. She is a beautiful woman. It was I who saw Pikar hit her. A woman such as Makisa should be cherished. I would never treat a woman with such dishonor.
2.)    Makisa has told you she must carry your child before you can be joined. Does this jot go against your customs? It does, but I am one with her village and must follow her customs. I no more than learned she carried my child when Pikar took her to the village of the outcasts. I was surprised when the imprisoned men of the village volunteered to join us for the rescue.
3.)    You were wounded during the rescue. I am told Makisa was the one to save your life. Did you know of her work as a healer? I’d been told of her skills, but I never expected to survive the injuries I sustained. For a time, I joined the ancestors, but they told me it was not my time to be with them. When I awoke, I was shocked to see she had joined my skin together with stitches as fine as any my mother ever used in making my clothing. She told me these were skills she learned from Kit, the Spirit Woman from the future.
1.)    You carry Snapping Turtle’s child, but now you have been taken captive by Pikar. Once in the village of the outcasts, were you surprised to see your brother, Tak? I was so frightened, I thought Tak was a spirit, come back to torment me. He told me a story that was almost unbelievable. I knew he was the one who killed his wife and daughters. What I didn’t know was how he made the trackers believe he drowned in the river. Instead, he traveled north until he met up with Pikar and his brother after they were banished from our village. It was fate that they joined themselves with the people of the village of the outcasts.
2.)    Did you make friends among the women of this village? Not until after the attack of our men. It was then that Mourning Dove came to my side and offered her help in tending to the wounded. She stayed with me until I was certain Snapping Turtle was no longer in danger of walking with the ancestors.
3.)    Do you worry what will happen when Hawk and his people return for the exchange of captives? I do, but Snapping Turtle has assured me he will not take me from my people. From what I hear about his brother Hawk, I fear for Atiko’s safety when Snapping Turtle tells him of his plans for the future.
Next Monday and Tuesday the Birdsinger series continues with the story of Snapping Turtle’s friend, Wildcat and Makisa’s friend, Mourning Dove, in WILDCAT'S HUNGER.

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