Friday, August 10, 2012


1.)    You had a long drive to get from Wisconsin to Arizona. Weren’t you lonely going all that way by yourself? I was lucky to meet some wonderful older people along the way. Since we were basically going the same way, I traveled with them. It saved a lot on hotel rates since I was able to stay with them in their mobile home.
2.)    You met JK last night. What was your impression? He’s one of the most handsome men I’ve ever met. I was so ashamed of the way I looked. I wanted to run and hide, but thank goodness he wouldn’t let me. He even has me convinced I can lose weight just like he did.
3.)    You spent some time in California with JK’s family and it seems you’ve made some changes in your appearance. Do you think you can keep it up once you go home? I have to. I feel so much better, not just physically, but about myself as well. I’m going to miss JK like crazy, but I’m not going to stop making myself a better person.
1.)    How did you feel about Kelly when you first met her? The first thing I noticed was the fantastic personality I read in her posts. She’s a wonderful person.
2.)    Considering your weight loss, how did you feel about her size? Unlike Kelly, I knew exactly what she looked like before I ever met her. I didn’t fall in love with her body. I fell in love with the woman behind the posts on the BBP website.
3.)    Since Kelly has decided to lose weight have you changed your mind about her? What is mean is that some men like big women. Will you see her differently once she makes her goal? I don’t care if she’s a size twenty-four or a ten. I’ve been big and I’ve been thin to say nothing about healthy. The change certainly didn’t change who I am. It’s the same with Kelly. That wonderful personality fills both body types equally well.
NEVER A BRIDESMAID was written after I went to a wedding for my husband’s cousin. She’s always been a plus size girl with a winning personality. When she went on vacation in California, she had the opportunity to meet a wonderful man who loved her. When she returned home, he followed and they’ve lived happily ever after. With a love story like that I just had to write Kelly & JK’s story.

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