Monday, August 20, 2012


When Kit goes to a pow-wow at the Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria, IL, she plants to immerse herself in the Native American culture. As she checks out a scenic overlook, she finds herself transported back in time two hundred years to a people and place she’s only studied in college.
1.)    Why drive all the way from Madison to Peoria to watch a bunch of wannabe Indians? Your description isn’t entirely fair. These people believe in representing their culture in this way. The drumming, dancing and songs are all authentic. It’s almost like a religious experience. This is something my dad and I did after Mom died. This will be my first time of going there alone.
2.)    Were you prepared when you somehow fell through time and landed in the past? You think? At first I thought Atiko was a time traveler. When I realize I’d invaded his world I was terrified. I did have an advantage as I’d studied his people in college.
3.)    You and Atiko have become close. Do you think he loves you? I thought he did, but now he’s left the village. I didn’t even get to tell him I’m pregnant with his baby.
1.)    What does your name mean? As the second son of the shaman, I am the one who hunts for the family. I can call to the birds of the air as well as the animals that sustain us. That is why I’m called The Birdsinger.
2.)    Since you found Kit you have made her your own. Why did you leave her alone in the village? As the birdsinger, I cannot have a woman of my own. It is well known that the second son is not allowed the luxury of a wife. I’m never far from her though.
3.)    Should I be surprised to see you and Kit together? I have watched Kit and I know she plans to leave the village. When I followed her, she told me she carries my child. We were living in secret until we learned of plans for an attack on the village. As soon as we did, we returned to warn the people. For some reason she got separated from the women and children. Now we can’t find her.

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