Thursday, August 16, 2012


Those gals from Minter, WI are a group of women who went to school together. Now as age brings widowhood and divorce to their number and they can’t stand to see their friends, unhappy, unloved and unmarried.
Lane Allerton has a secret she’s kept from everyone but her deceased uncle and husband as well as her Aunt Peg and her best friend, for the last thirty-five years. Now, when Lane is adjusting to being a widow, that secret walks into her coffee shop and her life.
1.)    You’ve just moved to Minter to start a new job. Are you looking forward to living in a small town? Small is the word. I’ve been in Chicago longer than I care to think about. At first I stayed in the city to remain close to my ex-wife and kids, but things change. The kids grew up and I got an offer I couldn’t pass up.
2.)    One of your first stops in town was java Lane. Did something happen that got you all excited? It certainly did. Thirty-five years ago I was in love with Lane Sacks. We were just kids when she got pregnant. There was a big blow up between our parents and the next thing I knew Lane’s folks moved out of town and my parents changed their phone number. The last I heard of Lane was when I signed the papers for the adoption of our son. Imagine our surprise when Lane was working behind the counter at the coffee shop.
3.)    Have you ever tired to find your son? I thought about it, but the adoption was sealed. Then one day I took on two college students as interns at work. I was shocked when Clint Sacks turned out to be Lane’s younger brother and Mark Evans our son. They were the same age and I soon found out Lane’s parents disowned her. Since then the three of us have been looking for her.
1.)    You were recently widowed. How are you holding up? My aunt Peg has been a great help. Jack’s death was so sudden, it was a miracle Peg was already living with us. Of course, Jack isn’t really gone. I hear his voice in the confines of my mind all the time.
2.)    Just recently two men entered your life. Can you tell me about them? The first was Grant. He’s new in town and very handsome. I know Jack hasn’t been dead very long, but I have to say Grant was very interesting. The second was really a voice from the past. I received an e-mail from Skip, my boyfriend from High School. The last time I talked to him I was pregnant with our son. When I accepted a blind date with skip, I was shocked to find out Skip and Grant are one in the same.
3.)    Grant told you he found your son. This is exciting. When do you plan to meet him? Good heavens no. I gave him away because I was too young to be a mother. He has a family and so do I. Jack used to say we should tell the kids about their brother, but I didn’t want them to think less of me.

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