Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1.)    You’re the next generation of the Double M dynasty. Where do you fit in? My mother is Janet Parkhurst Jennings. Her parents were Clay and Suzanna. My father is Prentice Jennings, son of Ralph and Barbara Jennings. I love the Double M as much as any of my previous ancestors.
2.)    Why did you enlist in the Army rather than going to college? You must have known you’d end up going to Vietnam. It’s what my family does. My grandfathers fought in WWI and my dad and uncles in WWII. As for going to Vietnam, I went there willingly as a member of an elite group. Unfortunately I lost my two best friends in that so called war. The only good thing to come out of it was meeting Luke Johansson.
3.)    When you came home from Vietnam, Luke came with you. Were you surprised when he fell hard for your sister, Kenlyn? Not really. Kenlyn became a beautiful woman while I was gone. I certainly don’t blame Luke for falling for her. It’s too bad she decided to join the Peace Corps. The two of them would have made a good team.
1.)    After you met Luke, you decided to go into the Peace Corps. Is that where you met Greg Bennett? Greg and I were both assigned to an island in the South Pacific. He reminded me so much of Luke I got my priorities all wrong. By the time I realized my mistake I was pregnant with Lance. What else could I do? I married the father of my son.
2.)    You and Greg moved to New York after the Peace Corps. How did you and your son like living in the big city? I hated every minute of it. Greg’s mother decided, before I ever met her, that I wasn’t good enough for her son. As soon as we could, we moved into a small apartment. Of course, I went to work in an investment office until Greg could get his practice going. It was hard working when I wanted nothing more than to be at home with Lance.
3.)    Why were you and Lance on the flight that crashed in Minot, North Dakota? Greg walked out on me with the first pretty face that came along. Lance and I were barely making it in Ney York, so I called JP and begged him to help me come home. That God we both survived when so many others died. No one was as shocked as me when Luke walked back into my life in that hospital room.
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Thursday and Friday of this week, Sherry’s Pen will interview the characters from one of my other earlier books. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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