Friday, August 17, 2012


1.)    Were you shocked when Clint insisted on coming to Minter to meet his aunt and sister? I told Clint and Mark about Lane, but I cautioned them not to push her. Of course, Clint has always been a hot head. I was shocked to find him sitting in my living room when I got home.
2.)    You took Lane to Door County. Was that to get her to agree to meet Mark? It certainly wasn’t. I’ve loved Lane since high school. It’s the reason my marriage didn’t last. I wanted her back in my life. I didn’t want to chase her away. She took everything wrong and now we’re all suffering.
3.)    Lane and Mark finally did meet. We heard things were strained. Do you think you and Lane will ever get back together? I hope so, but the way we left things it’s doubtful. It’s hard living in the same town and not seeing each other. I’m considering looking for another job as far away from Minter as I can get.
1.)    After your weekend with Grant you decided to go to meet Clint’s family. Were you prepared to meet Mark as well? Good grief no. Clint assured me Mark was in Arizona and wouldn’t be coming to meet me. When he walked into the room it was more than I could take.
2.)    I heard Grant was at the hospital. Did you see him? No, he never came up to see me. The kids said there was an altercation between him and my son, Adam. He couldn’t care too much if he left before he even saw me.
3.)    You and Mark have become friends. Is it true you’re going on a cruise with his family for Mother’s Day? Yes, I’m so excited to get to meet his wife and kids. Suddenly I have more grandchildren to spoil. Jack and I were always going to go on a cruise, but he died before we could do it. I think it’s the perfect way to start this new chapter in my life.
When New York told me heroines should be under the age of thirty, I decided I wanted my characters to be my own age. Lane is fifty and Grant is fifty-two and I thought they both deserved a second chance at love. COFFEE, TEA OR LOVE is the first of a series of books from Wings e-Press who are my over-the-hill girls. This book is available on Kindle for $7.50.
Look for the first interviews of Kit and Atiko from BIRDSINGER'S WOMAN on Monday and Tuesday next week. A PRECIOUS JEWEL will be coming on Thursday and Friday

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