Tuesday, August 21, 2012


1.)    After you and Atiko warned the people of the attack, you left the village only to become the captive of Hawk. How did you allow that to happen? Atiko was neglecting me and not listening to my opinions. I blame it on pregnancy hormones. Whatever it was I made a big mistake.
2.)    Hawk wants you to be his woman. Do you know why? From what I can figure out, they think I’m a Spirit woman. Hawk believes I can cure his daughter, Little Duck, of the demons he believes live in her body. Unfortunately, she has downs syndrome. There’s nothing a healer in this world can change. Hawk has to come to grips with it and learn to love her as she is.
3.)    Even if you can do nothing for Little Duck, Hawk wants you to be his wife. Are you and Atiko doomed? I’m afraid so. If I turn Hawk down, Atiko will die. Hawk will accept Atiko’s twin sons and allow Atiko to live if I agree. What other choice do I have?
1.)    You and Kit saved your people, but lost each other. Do you think Hawk’s men from the raiding party will be able to take you to Hawk’s village and persuade him to allow Kit to return with you? I pray to the Great Spirit that he will, but from what his men tell us. I’m sure she’s already his prisoner. I can only hope he will allow me to bring Kit along with our unborn child back to my village.
2.)    You were right, Kit is Hawk’s captive and now, so are you. Do you miss your freedom? Of course I do. I’m my father’s son and the hunter who provides for my family. As Haw’s captive I fear my family will suffer.
3.)    Kit has given birth to your twin sons, but she is destined to become Hawk’s second wife. How will you handle it? I will leave them to return to my people, but I will never forget the woman and the sons I love. Hawk has given his world he will spare my life and raise my children to be good men. If I want to live and have Kit and the twins live, I must walk away from them.
BIRDSINGER’S WOMAN is the first in a series of five books. Follow Atiko’s people in the rest of the books SNAPPING TURTLE’S HONOR, WILDCAT’S HUNGER, THUNDER AND LIGHTENING and JAYDEN’S NEW PEOPLE. These books are all published through Whiskey Creek Press.

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